30-year-old man who must have those fashion items?

30 standing, for men, seems to be a watershed in the 30-year-old before, you can mix and match, how to wear how to wear, but by the age of 30 and mature must be linked, and you wear not only pay attention to quality , Type, but also to have a sense of calm man, this time you need is a long time you can stand in a closet fashion items, rather than one or two season will be out of breath things can come out to send Use of the "pressure box baby at the end." So 30-year-old man should have those essentials fashion it? Below with Xiaobian take a look! Photo credit: Edison Dayton brand men's clothing 1, white shirt shirt is a must for men's wardrobe, especially a good texture, cut the senior, with a high degree of white shirt, it is the closet most Take the protagonist, but also back Ju style behind the scenes, styling your eye for a single product, whether single or with suits are very nice. Photo credit: Edison Dayton brand men's 2, black suit The complex structure of the suit is directed at the purpose of grooming male body shape, the worse the body, the more obvious the role of modification. And for the color is not allowed for men, may wish to put on a black suit in the closet will not be wrong 3, leather shoes is a man indispensable a single product, although the men's shoes look similar, but in fact the shoes Different from the surface, the distribution of men's charm varies widely. As an ordinary person speaking, the shoes do not need too much style, as long as you know how to suit different suits, a simple black leather shoes can become you, make you the embodiment of "fashion sir."

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