70 South Korean brands hold group to settle in Changshu “fishing goods city”

In our country's market, South Korean clothing brands have enjoyed excellent performance-price ratio for many years and enjoyed the reputation of “Korean wind blowing”. Therefore, there are quite a few “Han Feng” clothing brands on the market. However, the number of genuine Korean brands has a “descent”. In fact, consumers also understand that. Surprisingly, 300 South Korean clothing brands will march to China to expand their market. Its 70 leading apparel brands have entered the China Brand Clothing Center, Changshu Fishing Products City, on March 16 this year.

To make the best use of commercial capital, we must do our utmost to become today’s fierce market competition, increase the difficulty in the operation of commercial capital and industrial capital, and increase the risk of commercial capital and industrial capital operation. The prominent phenomenon is whether it is commercial Capital or industrial capital, after the investment may be to obtain the maximum relative value of the residual, it may also be invested in capital preservation (according to the interest the capital should receive is actually losing money), and may even directly after the loss and serious losses. The large-scale introduction of South Korean clothing brands in Changshu Fishing Products City is essentially a unique strategic commercial capital operation. Forward-looking measures will bring attractive surplus value.

It is understood that the Jiangsu Changshu Shidewei Group, which has gradually emerged in the market, has a history of 24 years. It has a Chinese brand clothing center (May 20, 2011 China Federation of Textile Industry awarded) - Changshu Fishing Pincheng, Shidewei Sewing Machine City, Jiangsu Shidewei Network Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Websung Network Technology Co., Ltd., Changshu Shidewei Investment Real Estate Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongqing Ruineng Technology Co., Ltd. and other economic entities and related teams. In the process of enterprise development, the Shidewei Group has accumulated a wealth of resources. These valuable resources include a group of friends in the South Korean clothing industry with a good friendship. It is this unique resource that gave birth to South Korean clothing brands. city.

The introduction of a large number of South Korean apparel brands in a big way requires an extraordinary sense of devotion. The input of manpower, material resources, and financial resources is also enormous.

Xie Weiliang, chairman of Shidewei Group, said: “Korean apparel is a popular product in the Chinese market and it is very popular among consumers. In order to enlarge and popularize the popular effect of Korean apparel brands, we specifically focus on the bulk introduction of Korean products. The clothing brand, the first batch of 70 South Korean clothing brands settled in the fishing goods city, will far exceed the influence of one plus one single Korean clothing brand, because the function of the multi-storey market is incalculable. The Korean fashion brand is by no means a breeze, and the way we work together is to provide high-value retail shops from the fishing town, which are decorated according to the style of the apparel brand in Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea. The total number of agents and store personnel is 500 people, which are used to connect with the corresponding Korean clothing brands, and all sales are settled once a month according to different brands.At first, South Korea was worried about transporting large quantities of clothes to the fishing market. After the settlement of sales, there will be troubles. They greatly relieved themselves. I foresee it as a win-win cooperation."

In response to the large number of Korean clothing brands introduced into the domestic apparel market, the business quickly increased the rental prices of shops, which led Korean manufacturers to feel that the relevant markets in our country lacked credibility. They feared that these markets would once again “add code”, and then they Withdrawing from the final two-losing phenomenon, Fishing Products City has launched a five-year medium and long-term contract, which is quite rare. It can be called a “match” and helps to cooperate with Korean brands for a long time.

Regarding the marketing details of South Korean clothing brands entering the fishing goods city, the author noted in the interview that the cooperation between the fishing goods city and the South Korean clothing team has no direct economic benefits. What are its operational ideas? Xia Weiquan explained: “If I had a beautiful and versatile daughter in my early 20s, many men would rush to pursue it. In the Book of Songs, there was a saying of 'My Fair Lady, a gentleman'. But when she was a kid, she said. How is she going to be, and how persuasive it is? The cooperation between the fishing products city and the South Korean clothing brand team focuses on nurturing the market. The fishing goods city is booming, and the value of the shops will quickly appreciate. This is like having a beautiful, The ability of a talented daughter to operate the commercial capital to the best condition is not what short-term behavior can do. Therefore, we must not only have strategic vision, but also do our best!”

Inspire the second "Matthew Effect" with innovative thinking

Changshu Clothing City, which ranks first in the country in terms of sales in the national garment market, now has an average daily passenger flow of 300,000 people and a daily turnover of nearly 1 billion yuan. Located in the core business district of Changshu Clothing City, the fishing goods city pays great attention to differentiated operations and highlights its own marketing characteristics. To this end, in all major categories of clothing, fishing products mainly attack the fashion women's market; in the women's market, fishing products mainly attack the 20-45-year-old emphasis on quality of life, attention to clothing quality, taste, attention to fashion trends, pay attention to the image of the individual The high-end consumer market; In the women's style, fishing products city main attack women's style in Europe and South Korea. Market segmentation, focusing on business, specialization, precision, detail, depth, transparency, speciality, and strength, is a good way to gather advantages, and it is extremely convenient for customers from all over the country to purchase points, which not only saves money The purchase cost of customers also played a positive role in improving the performance of the shopping malls. At the same time, it is also conducive to improving the reputation and reputation of Fishing Products City, establishing a new image and rapidly increasing intangible assets. It is the distinctive market positioning that the fishing products city once won the first “Matthew effect”. The so-called "Matthew effect" stems from a famous saying in the Bible, Matthew: "Everything has to be given to him and enriched him. Whatever is not, even what he has will also be taken away." 20th Century In the 1960s, the famous sociologist Robert Morton attributed this phenomenon to the "Matthew effect." The large-scale introduction of South Korean clothing brands in this fishing product city looks forward to the second “Matthew effect” and the appearance of the strong players in the market competition.

During the process of creating the women's wholesale base in Europe and South Korea, the existing shops in the fishing goods city have a strong atmosphere in Europe and the Republic of Korea, in which the "pure pedigree" European and Korean brand clothing has accounted for 15%-20% of the total, plus this time 70 The collective placement of two South Korean clothing brands undoubtedly greatly enriched the styles, colors, and fabrics offered by South Korean clothing brands, adding to the choices of merchants, and the impact of superposition will inevitably be extraordinary, triggering a second “horse”. The "too much effect" will be expected. To this end, the fishing products city set up a special expert jury to conduct a rigorous assessment of the ability and quality of the owner who entered the business. The jury approved the operator. Every 20 square meters of shops pay 50,000 yuan each year for a refundable deposit. . Individual operators also do not take deposits as an exception. Their emphasis is on their outstanding operating capabilities and qualities. With these dealers operating Korean clothing brand merchants operating and opening stores throughout the country, the fishing goods city specially promises that the agents operating in the fishing city can send their own people to help training by the fishing city, but also by the fishing city to provide personnel Business, management, collection, etc., this comprehensive system service will do more with less.

It is also worth mentioning that the offline fishing city merchants can use the network resources of Shidewei Group to sell online and improve sales performance. It is reported that Fishing Products City also regularly holds industry summits and shopping malls on the T-Taiwan show every year. It releases new products in each season, organizes four large-scale professional exhibitions, and manufacturers docking. It vividly conducts various activities around mall marketing. In 2011, Fishing Products City also held a number of promotional activities such as “Woman Flower”, “Anniversary”, and “Mai Ba Challenge”.

Continuously advancing and deepening the construction of learning-oriented organizations The fierce competition in China's market now raises new and higher requirements for the promotion of the quality of apparel operators and related personnel. In this regard, Xia Weiliang is very advocating the formation of a learning organization, and will continue to advance and deepen the construction of learning organizations. He believes that for the SDL Group to be sustainable, the most important thing is to run a learning organization. He said with deep feelings: "To face the global economic competition, it is imperative to run a learning organization. The goal is to change the mindset of employees and merchants, strengthen the team's learning, and share a common vision with each other. , Increase the cohesion, centripetal force, and temptation of the company, realize more personal surpassing, improve systematic thinking, and double the core competitiveness With special emphasis on self-learning, the skills of using computers are higher than most entrepreneurial chess players. ·········

The author learned from the interview that Shidewei Group has bright spots in the creation of learning organizations. For example, the group has invited famous Chinese presidential mentors and gathered Wang Chong, an international education group, to Suzhou for a three-day training event. The theme is to promote the development of the company. From the aspects of strategic operation of the enterprise, corporate culture, and sustainable development of the company, Wang Chong from far and near, from shallow to deep, analyzed cases, and raided by others, provided interesting explanations, and enabled 550 trainees to benefit from it. Very shallow.

The activities organized by each branch company of the SDL Group are also remarkable. Among them, there is a weekly “middle-level cadre learning activity” that is held every year by the fishing products city. The “Boss School” that can't be beaten every Monday evening calls the merchants in the fishing mall to learn various “courses” and has since established A hundred years have contributed to the improvement of business quality and related quality of merchants. Xia Weiliang said that his greatest wish is that in the future, the Shidewei Group will be stronger and bigger, and he also hopes to have a "China Aircraft Carrier" as a "fish carrier" of the Pinxiang City, which can achieve a sound and rapid development.

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