A piece of jadeite Akashi is valued at 88 million

A piece of jadeite Akashi is valued at 88 million Last weekend, the “Golden Stone Year of Stone Gambling Culture” was opened on the 7th floor of Nanjing Culture and Art Center. The Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that all the original stones in the event were from the “Emerald Kingdom” of Burma. The original stone weight ranged from a few kilograms to several tens of kilograms, and the price of each original stone ranged from 5800 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan or more. One stone placed in a display cabinet weighed more than 100 jins. Many stone skins had been cut off, exposing a large piece of bright green and fine jade. The organizers said that it was valued at about 88 million yuan.

Mr. Wang, who participated in this gambling stone, was quite successful. He showed his results to reporters. He purchased a small stone of 5,800 yuan. After being cut open, he discovered a value of several tens of thousands of yuan, which was considered as a win. In the past, Mr. Wang, who had gone to Yunnan Gambling Stone, shared his gambling experience: “Be sure to maintain your normal attitude. Do not blindly gamble and do what you can. Do not borrow money to bet on stone, let alone take a night out. A rich mentality.” He believes that stone is a fate and aura, and stones that are tied to you tend to be more rewarding.

The gambling stone industry leader Mr. Chen Jinyuan also visited the scene and exchanged gambling experiences with investors and enthusiasts. The scene was very lively. According to industry insiders' analysis, due to the sluggish stock market and the regulation of the property market, the funds squeezed out of the market have nowhere to go, and they have turned to investment jade, which has created a hot market. In recent years, the number of people participating in “gambling stone” investment has gradually increased, and the price of rough stone has also been rising all the way. The significance of this event is to provide investors with more rational investment through professional guidance and the provision of high-quality raw stones, and “point to stone” can also be a dream come true.

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