AIMISUO Amy Sousa: beauty more than one side!

AIMISUO · Amy Suo women 's charm is more than the exquisite decoration wardrobe, but also embellished your other side of the United States.

AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's main characteristics of the current fashion, business, sophisticated, simple and elegant women's pursuit of high quality of life. All we have to do is make every lady who loves AIMISUO A MISSO a successful candidate for her clothes, regardless of age and shape. With the advent of the era of economic globalization, we will also develop in a relaxed and natural way that is popular in the international community, fashion in a natural attitude, and sparkle life in a calm and natural manner.


Noble and stylish combination of popular and classic coexistence. AIMISUO · Amy Suo woman with a soul-stirring design, unique intentions to create meticulous clever mix of fashion outstanding details, to create the world's most attractive woman! Let all people feel AIMISUO Amy Suo women's perseverance. Insufficient pursuit, conquest of the design, selfless world, leaving only the soul of the concept. All life elements and ideal space are AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's life-long pursuit.

Target consumer groups: 20-40-year-old fashion white-collar workers, urban new women, the pursuit of quality, intelligent, elegant intellectual woman.
Spring and summer price range: 169 yuan -699 yuan autumn and winter price range: 269 yuan -1999 yuan free service hotline:
Address: China Humen Town, Dongguan first industrial zone A10 Building Tel:

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