Ancient death vest will eventually take up memories

A "youth that we will eventually pass away," Zhao Wei successfully transformed into an actor by the director. The film made the box office harvest, the word of mouth also received everyone's praise. Whether it is to enjoy youth or miss youth, what happens in youth is wonderful and moving. Immediately to a year of graduation season, out of the campus, the students will always go back and miss the Sentimental memories. Finishing Sentimental, Gu Ge teach you how to use the vest to put up the tender last minute.


Faded immature, immediately to the community, no more ignorant of youth, do not quickly grasp the time. Loose plaid shirt to catch the vest, coupled with simple and concise denim shorts. Loose shirt unfettered, denim shorts clean and fresh, catch naked color sandals, playful immature. Simple with, but very good ride out literary Fan children.

Review young astringent memories, put up literary children's literary youth. Cartoon cotton vest to catch a striped skirt, the overall simple and generous, full of childlike. Striped skirt full of artistic atmosphere, to catch blue canvas shoes, a typical academic school. Cute cute ride, you want to relive the college wind you must not miss the beauty ride Oh.

What have you done in the workplace? There is nothing young, love fashion can catch up Fan literary children, to understand ignorant memories. Floral vest skirt to catch the white hollow blouse, literary atmosphere full. Floral skirt full of girl's innocence, to catch the white blouse soft and lovely. Simple to catch bracelets jewelry, girls full of temperament.

Or there are two sets of simple loose vest skirt, simple design cut full of ignorant white. Cotton texture clean and comfortable. I believe the girlhood you must have a plain simple vest skirt now! Tie the orange belt, hit the vintage ride. A typical college ride, you will definitely remember it!





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