Beautiful Bottoms Bride underwear interpretation of pure white romance and sexy

Which Girl do not want to be in the wedding night the most perfect state in front of her husband? But many bridal underwear on the market design will look a bit vulgar. In fact, a romantic design of the bride's underwear absolutely allows you not only to maintain the elegant attitude, but also sexy. Beautiful Bottoms bridal underwear will bring out such an effect Oh.

Beautiful Bottoms新娘内衣 演绎纯白的浪漫与性感

Pure white chiffon wrapped the perfect bride body graceful, interpretation of the heart of the bride that throbbing girlhood, pure and sexy you will make the bride can not help but!

1. Lightweight, cashmere double-faced fabrics upper and lower two layers are independent fabrics, the middle is made of yarn, no glue, so more lightweight, although cashmere Double-Faced Cloth Overcoat is double-layer material, but by its soft and light texture, the lightest double-faced fabric weight per square meter is less than 300 grams, so it has always been known as zero gravity, wearing a double-faced cloth overcoat, the body is as free as breathing. The secret of feathery lightness.

2. Rigidity, as both positive and negative are made of wool, the coat does not need lining, it is thicker, more crisp, flat and not easy to wrinkle.

3. Warmth retention, 37 degree warmth, because double-sided fabrics are woven from two separate layers of fabrics, so they are warmer than single-sided cashmere, wool, double-sided fabrics. Although lightweight, they can bring warm experience of constant temperature 37 degrees Celsius in the cold winter.

Vertical Collar Cashmere Overcoat

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