BEIN Birkin than women's liberation or blurred urban style

BEIN Hangzhou Cathy Clothing Co., Ltd is a pursuit of noble life fashion women's brand . Founded in 2000, is a professional design, production and sales of high-grade women's national well-known garment enterprises. The company now has 100 cities in the country upscale mall opened up more than 300 stores and shopping malls, followed the world fashion trends for the world's women to provide the most tasteful fashion, and achieved excellent performance, ranking in the mall Are among the best.

芘筃 - BEIN

BEIN Designed for 25-38 year old, confident, stylish women. Shows a simple European-style of a noble, elegant, fashionable woman, which has become a workwear for many urban white-collar workers. Classic infiltrated the latest fashion sense, stylish style highlights the elegant femininity. It uses simple lines and self-cultivation of women's sexy beauty and fashion show the most vividly.


BEIN has a number of outstanding designers, their unique professionalism and artistic inspiration and keen fashion sensibilities and women perfect fusion, add it to the most brilliant, bold design and elegant works are forward-looking interpretation The dream of women in mind, leading the pursuit of fashion in the colorful life of women enjoy the city.

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