Black hands need these gems, and they wear white hands immediately!

They all say that the hand is the second face of a woman. Therefore, in addition to the love of applying some nail polish, women also choose some beautiful gemstone rings to decorate their slim hands. Therefore, how to wear a good ring looks like a white man, but the door is learned!


The first step ★ Find out what color is your hand?

The color of the hand, in addition to black and white across the board, in fact, there is a difference in degree; different degrees of skin color, the color of the suitable gemstone ring is also different.

1 pale, porcelain white or ivory white

The hand is easy to red, but not easy to tan, usually suitable for gold, red, blue or green gemstone rings.

2 light white, beige or cream

The hand is easy to redden, difficult to tan, and the gemstone ring that is suitable for wearing has a wide range of colors and does not pick colors.

3 light brown, gold or olive

The hands sometimes get sunburned and gradually tan, and the gemstone ring that is suitable for wearing has a wide range of colors, the legendary wild color.

4 caramel, brown or tan

The hands are easy to tan, but rarely sunburned, usually suitable for dark, brown or brown gemstone rings.

5 bronze or dark brown

The hands are never sunburned, but they are very tanned and are usually suitable for brown or brown gemstone rings.

Step 2 ★ Look at the gems and find the ring.

Now that we know what color gemstone ring we are suitable for, then we are in the magical nature, looking for the gem that is attached to our hand.

PS: I don't want to mention what the white woman wears here. Anyway, you are all wild! Don't be troubled by our black MM.

1 red gem

Variety recommendation: ruby, red tourmaline, red spinel, red coral, red garnet, etc.

Gem Review: Red gems, is a white weapon. Darker than red, it will look feminine and dignified, understated luxury, revealing a touch of elegance.

2 yellow gems

Variety recommendation: yellow sapphire, topaz, yellow tourmaline, gold perch, citrine and so on.

Gem Review: Whether it is a young woman or a woman who wants to lose age, the yellow gem is not only white, but also makes people's temperament more enthusiastic, bold and youthful.

3 pink gems

Variety recommended: pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, pink zircon, pink spinel, powder crystal, red stone.

Gem Review: Lighten the visual pressure of dark skin, warm pink, so that the wearer's temperament is very soft and elegant.

4 purple gems

Variety recommended: purple sapphire, violet jade, purple tanzanite, amethyst, Charo stone, Su Ji stone, cordierite, rose phosgene, purple tooth black and so on.

Gem Review: Purple gemstones, can add a mysterious and charming feeling to your hands, like the jade hand of the enchanting witch.

5 green gemstones

Variety recommendation: emerald, savory stone, green tourmaline, olivine, grape stone and so on.

Gem Review: In addition to the green color of the emerald, the green color of the colored gemstones is lighter, making women's temperament not only elegant, but also sensational.

PS: Women who are white, if you want to be very temperament, you can also consider wearing dark gemstone rings, such as red gems, purple gems, etc. The deeper the color, the more mysterious femininity.

The third step ★ not only has to be white, but also beautiful!

The combination of style and color is a gemstone ring that is really suitable for your hand, so what style are you suitable for?

a. A woman with a long finger is suitable for wearing a wide ring or a ring with a sense of volume. What is the sense of volume? Nature is the carat ring of the carat.

b. A woman with a fat or fleshy hair, suitable for wearing a spiral-shaped gemstone ring, which appears to be slender and slender.

c. Women with short fingers and palms can choose a streamlined gemstone ring.

[Practical extension] The pattern is wearing a ring, which is the tide

Women who wear a ring, while catching up with the trend, don't forget the different finger parts, the style of the ring is not the same.

1 ring on the index finger

A three-dimensional look is required because it is eye-catching.

2 ring on the middle finger

Requiring the atmosphere and having a sense of weight can give people a more formal and positive feeling.

3 ring finger ring

Suitable for orthodox modeling

PS: This is the exclusive VIP location for the wedding ring.

4 ring on the little finger

Suitable for cute, delicate style, giving people a more easy-going, gentle temperament.

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