Bright underwear look good bright lingerie how to create a sexy curve

In the past, underwear only black, white, red three colors, and most people should buy is white, because the most white, whether bright or dark coat do not have to worry about underwear exposed. However, with the continuous evolution of fashion, this monotonous color has been unable to meet the needs of women, so more and more underwear color began to appear in our line of sight. And unlike the previous monotonous, hot printing elements have also been applied to the designer underwear, so that women's private wardrobe to become more enriched.


Pink, has always been the exclusive color of the girls, cute, pink, young girls will show the best feelings of the girls. But now are popular "Zhuangnen", even if you really have passed the 20-year-old wonder age, no one can deprive you of young mentality. All-pink adjustable underwear, so proud of your chest showing an unprecedented curve, lovely and sexy combination makes you more attractive.

亮色内衣好看吗 亮色内衣如何打造性感曲线

The digital printing applied to the underwear design, breaking the monotony of the previous solid color underwear. This personality graffiti patterned underwear, 3/4 of the deep V cup, closer to the distance between breasts, deep, charming cleavage instantaneous appearance, a slightly wider side than the combination of stealth soft glue to increase lateral push effect, To wear a more stable, beige cup edge and white lace lace stitching, but also times the youthful atmosphere.

Picture credit: Bride's Lingerie

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