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Cognitive desires for the unknown world, as well as the growing mind, are driven by children to maximize their imagination to understand the world. The world in the eyes of children is always full of fantastic colors, which are pure expressions of nature. In this regard, whether it is young parents, or children always care about the growth of the Bunny-Mark brand children's clothing, all hope that the child as long as possible to extend the shelf life, even if it is a little bit Ye Hao. It is out of this sense of mission, Bunny-Mark International devoted all efforts in the development and design of children's clothing, in order to produce products that meet the immediate needs of modern children. Rabbit Mark brand children's clothing cherish their childhood, advocating children's fashion, capture the latest trends into the product design elements, give the innocent child more loving and fantasy. To stimulate the child's imagination, Rabbit Mark International launched the first band in 2013 summer new rain forest soul "series, has a strong market. "Rainforest Soul" series inspired by the tropical rain forest landscapes, bold spell color design and rainforest, personalized design seems to lead the children into the dense rainforest. Towering giants, mini flowers, spiritual creatures, are all full of magic, like a dream garden fantasy, emitting a variety of Smart life breath, so that children have more vision for the future! It is reported that Rabbit Mark International Group Co., Ltd. is a group company integrating R & D, production, procurement and sales. The business chain is distributed all over the world and its core business focuses on the operation of the brand. The mission of the company is to help enhance the image of children in the world and create a world-class children's fashion brand in the spirit of service and innovation. In order to ensure the continued competitiveness of China's first brand of children's fashion, Rabbit Label set up a design and development team with world-class standards. With Paris as the center, it will radiate the world's fashion capitals such as Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong, integrate international design concepts, To build Rabbit Mark International brand has laid a solid foundation. Bunny-Mark children's wear mainly in black and white classic, supplemented by the European-style color, suitable for life, fashion, fashion and fashion parties, with the most cutting-edge design, the most fashionable styles, high taste of cultural life, to bring new Chinese children Fashion experience, more Chinese children have brought the global fashion, creative, personalized lifestyle.


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