Business negotiations with Chinese characteristics

[China Glass Network] Content Description: Business negotiation is especially important for enterprises. It is an important way for enterprises and external communication. Business negotiations also have different characteristics due to different national boundaries. In China, business negotiations are in the impression of most people. What characteristics are presented in it? Let's take a look at the characteristics of Chinese-style business negotiations.

First, buying and selling is not a righteousness

The meaning of this sentence usually means that the negotiating parties play a game on the content of the negotiation. Although the transaction has not been reached, the feelings between each other still exist, and the feelings (family, friendship, love) will not be hurt for this. In fact, when the two sides are talking about words, the feelings are already gone.

Chinese business negotiations, certainly hope to buy and sell, and benevolence and justice, both. When it is impossible to buy and sell, it is often difficult for humanity and righteousness to not exist. This is different from the way Western professionals completely separate work and life. Therefore, this is also an interesting place for Chinese-style business negotiations.

In China's business activities, it is difficult to separate the world from the business. Therefore, when doing business negotiations in China, it is also necessary to pay attention to the world. For example, the accident is the boss's relatives, the downstream customer is the general manager's friend, etc., and the company employees who need to participate in the negotiations need to know the upper-level leadership attitude involved in advance, and then their own negotiation behavior and the bottom line.

Second, brothers, clear accounts

In the Chinese-style family business, we have seen a lot of companies dismantling because there is no “clear accounting”. For example, I hope that the group's Liu brothers, at the beginning of their business, will work together to build a huge Hope Group. However, there is no clear property rights system, and there is no “clear accounting”. As a result, the business is getting bigger and bigger, but the differences are getting bigger and bigger. Later, it is still a family. In 1995, the hope group split into the mainland hope group, the east. Hope Group, Huaxi Hope Group, Southern Hope Group (New Hope Group) four companies. In business negotiations, there are often more problems with family business scruples, scruples, and scruples, parents, etc., often can not clearly account between the brothers, the result is not their own losses, that is, the company suffers.

In fact, in the theory of foreign business negotiations, there is no influence of family ties in business negotiations, because they are already "brothers, clear accounts" in the bones, and the country has not reached this level. Therefore, especially when the two companies have family relationships, the balance of business cannot be “one bowl of water”, which causes both parties to feel that they are suffering in the process of cooperation, thus affecting business activities.

Third, the position must be equal

The positions must be equal, the levels must be equal, and the performance is more obvious in government agencies and institutions. The deputy department level must be at the deputy department level, and the department level should be right at the level. It is difficult to see a departmental level leader meeting a mayor, except in certain special occasions, such as earthquake relief, such as centralized training meetings. Wait. This also affects the business negotiations of Chinese companies. The other party is the deputy general manager. Of course, we also have to send deputy general managers to participate. Unless we are very concerned about this negotiation and want to express our attention, we have arranged the negotiators. They all ask in advance what level of characters they are participating in, and then feel who they are going to attend. In business negotiations abroad, they pay little attention to the position. As long as a project is someone responsible, then he is the higher decision maker of the project, not to say that his level is higher.

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