CANNELLE Cleopatra Gui Li Zi sexual woman charming taste

Women's charm is always exudes an attractive aroma, sunny Gui Li fashion popular inhaled European fashion elements, the charming characteristics of soft oriental women, the use of advanced knitted fabrics mainly leisure series and OL series. Show also free leisure Ya, tide and decent, but not Yong Yong brand charm.


Mysterious gem blue stitching the blue sea, dress costumes as the night pearl in the sea, emitting bright light. Pleated pleated skirt design very rich sense of a lace tassel-style lace very creative. Black belt waist effect is very significant three-dimensional lines, printing scarves with more color, novel and unique.

CANNELLE晴迷桂莉 姿性女人的迷人品味

Grass green gives the freshness of nature, skirts and smooth lines printed. Deep collar design and cross-cutting cloth cutting style, with a very ethnic style accessories, so that the dress brought together pastoral country crispy atmosphere. Large waistband waistband belly accessories, pulling the leg lines, the natural curves of the charming, very good.

This is the list of Woven Fabric. We are good at the woven fabric for ladies, most of our fabrics are woven.

Recently, we do more polyester fabric and Rayon Fabric. But we do more cotton before. All the items are good for garment, meanwhile you can use it to do others you want.

We have too many items, so can not show all the items in the list. If you have any similar fabric or looking for some counter sample, you can get touch with us, we can send you sample and price.

Woven Solid Fabric

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