Chemical Fiber Film Polyester Features

Yizheng Fiber Grade Polyester Chips Introduction

a. Masterbatch type FG610

Product features: Large-scale continuous production, stable quality, good anti-adhesion, and use with base-type slicing, good compatibility and film formation. Has excellent film forming properties.

b. Base material type FG620

Product features: It can improve the sticking performance of cold drum, effectively increase the speed of pulling film, improve the antistatic performance of the product, and has excellent film forming performance.

c. Anti-stick FG630

Product features: Compared to the base material type, it can be used without or with little masterbatch, and it can also be directly used for surface film formation, with excellent anti-adhesive properties and film-forming properties.

Product Application: Membrane-slicing series products can be used to produce various types of packaging film, printing film, aluminized film, hot stamping film, matt film, high transparent film, high strength gold wire film, tape film, insulation film, protective film, Capacitor film and so on.

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