Clothing tailored and began quietly resurgence in the city

Speaking clothing customization, you may immediately think of the Paris Fashion Week, senior clothing customization, noble and unattainable, in fact, custom clothing from us not far from the counter to the alley tailor shops have custom services , As people's requirements for personalization are getting higher and higher, the tailor-made clothing has begun to quietly resurgence in the city. Elite men's decent coat Elite men's decent coat Custom type: Custom counter Custom price: 30,000 Start a suit suit will make people look more spirit, more gas field, but many men are in distress can not buy Appropriate suit their own stature, in fact, to suit the custom business suit is a men's best choice. With more than 450 different fabrics at the flagship store of Zegna in Wuhan International Plaza, Zeiss Asia's unique "Su Misura" tailor-made service can be tailor-made for suits, leather garments, Jackets, pants, jackets, shirts, ties, footwear, belts and more. At the same time you can see the counter in the fabric of raw materials, Merino wool, mohair, Inner Mongolia cashmere and other raw materials, touch the classic fabrics, feel honorable service. Today, in every boutique in Zegna, guests can be tailored to their needs. If you are willing to spend more money and time, you can also enjoy the limited custom business Zegna, a global limited edition Zegna suit, in addition to the top fabrics and hand-stitching more than 33,000 pins, and 100% Italian design , And according to the fabric of the climate requirements in Switzerland production, its uniqueness can not be compared. Private custom price High production cycle length Customization type: Designer Customization Price: Thousands to tens of thousands according to the manual complexity of the price range Wuhan is a never lacking in fashion, Zhang Wenhui, Zhu Wen, Luo Van River absolutely local designer The backbone of the. Zhu Wen attended the Paris Fashion Week, now own clothing custom series already in Beijing, Shanghai, two buy shop shelves. The 25-year-old "Luo Pei Xi of Wuhan" is definitely an example for young designers. As a Dior plate maker, he designed the "cheongsam" of the most train model at the Beijing Auto Show and took over Mr. Lan Bo, Consul General of the French Consulate General in Wuhan Order of Mrs. Lorna's "Goddess Series" dress. Set of "one-hit" dress is Swarovski diamond inlaid, all pure hand-made, Luo vanadium Creek and colleagues spent more than a month to complete, due to sign a confidentiality agreement so can not be disclosed Prices, but not so expensive so exaggerated. In fact, there are a lot of Wuhan people around such outstanding fashion leader, their design, their concepts can make you with the world, but the high price of private custom, and the longer production cycle, which is also a lot of love fashion The reason why young people are prohibitive. Volkswagen line is more and more popular Volkswagen line more and more custom type: custom tailor tailoring price: from the cheapest dozens of dollars to thousands of dollars ranging from the big brands and custom, Wuhan street tailor shop, a custom set of clothes More price-friendly, but also more easily acceptable. There are such tailor shops in Wuchang's Fruit Lake, Rouzhi Road, Qingfen Road in Jianghan District and Youyi Street in Jiang'an District. Rouge road, bustling, retro architecture seems to make people see the bustling of the past. Street window display of the new season of fashion will bring you into another world. The shops on this road make Tang costumes. The cheongsam is the most famous in Wuhan. Many of the chefs combine traditional handicrafts with international fashion. Here you can see cheongsam collar not so high, and shorter, more like a one-piece mini skirt, but a buckle, brocade fabric everything is so retro, so elegant. "Nowadays quite a lot of fashionable youths all like to come here to make clothes, they are all very much about the requirements of the clothes, the fabric is better, the style is tide, but also to fit." The words of a tailor shop seems to break the personalization Clothing is always space.

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