"Clothing with Qinxiang" 12 winter boutique new style, let you feel the charm of a woman in winter

Clothes with Qin fragrance discount stores are hot investment, free initial fee / free deposit / Free to provide franchise decoration

Clothes with Qinxiang clothing fashion, taste-oriented direction, brought together Shanghai (Shanghai), Hangpai (Hangzhou), Wimbledon (Wenzhou), Hanpai (Wuhan), Beijing School (Beijing), Guangdong (Guangdong) genre of women's brand, high-end women-in-one cream, style, classic styles to fashion-oriented, the face of female consumers 18-45 age group, 10,000 kinds of professional production processing and marketing of seasonal fashion boutique selling super cheap combination! Thousands of brand clothing company fashion collection! All first-line boutique ladies really done a price drop in the end, the sales price is generally the original brand price 1-1.5 fold. The original market sales price of 200-1000 yuan / piece, and clothes with Qinyang boutique discount stores all clothing , retail price control at 20 yuan to 150 yuan, the maximum benefits and profit margins to my agents and Franchisee. We have the spirit of the brand women's ultra-low discount, low-cost, special supply, zero risk, zero inventory, 100% replacement, for you to remove all worries. Come join us in our league!

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