Collect a few important elements of agate!

At present, there are more and more people who like agate. Many people are hoping to increase their value while maintaining their hobbies. What kind of agate can increase value? What issues should I pay attention to when collecting?


First, look at the material first.

The ancients said that "the hero does not ask the source", this sentence is also used in the agate world. There are many kinds of agates. If you want different types to compare, it is not displayed. The gentlemen are all good. The agate world has always been "do not do what you want." Although not asking the source, but the same material with these characteristics is collectible: 1 crack-free cotton; 2 water-permeable; 3 colors more color;


Second, design

Whether it is antique or innovative, it is not advisable to seek new ideas or pursue antiques. From the perspective of artistic innovation, there is a new agate that is worthy of collection, but it should avoid falling into the misunderstanding of “new”; however, it cannot be completely used for antique jade. Collection should be based on specific circumstances. Initiating the heart is the constant innovation path of agate design, and inheriting the tradition is the sublimation of innovation.


Third, the process

The craft considers the overall style level of an agate. If the knife is smooth and fluent, the skilled workmanship must be beautiful or relatively beautiful. On the contrary, the board is sluggish, the muddy water, and the collection value will be affected. The difficulty of engraving is very important for the collector, so we must pay attention to the craftsmanship of the engraving when collecting the ornaments.


Fourth, modeling

The shape is determined by the function and the shape of the agate blank, and the proportional trade-offs should be appropriate. Styling is the aesthetic framework of agate, well-proportioned and not dull, balanced and stable, it is very collectible.


Fifth, ornamentation

The ornamentation is a decorative agate, and its appearance is easy to detect. The decoration depends on the structure, the rules, the complexity, the sparseness, etc., and the structural rules are methodical, and the unity and harmony have the appreciation value. Generally speaking, it is subject to the needs of the device type, both of which depend on the needs of social functions.

Good ornamentation can turn decay into magic.


Sixth, artistic

Artistic sense and taste are the highest realms that every agate has pursued. Everything with vivid charm and both form and spirit is the expression of artistic beauty. The pictures are shaped and the ancients are all works that violate the artistic beauty. Of course, regardless of the beauty and ugliness, the collector’s eyesight is tested, so it is necessary to appreciate the taste of the people. Ordinary.

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