Combining sulfate ester ethyl sulfone and vinyl sulfone in commercial dyes

The commercial β-sulfate ethyl sulfone is an important component in reactive dyes. It is a temporary soluble group, has good water solubility, poor affinity for fibers, and good migration. When the dye molecules are dyed, the sulfuric esters are desorbed to form vinylsulfone groups, the water solubility is reduced, the affinity of the dyes to the fibers is increased, and they are easily adsorbed by the fibers and evenly stained. Vinyl sulfone groups that have not been adsorbed or fixed are hydrolyzed to hydroxyethylsulfone-based hydrolyzed dyes, and their affinity for fibers is greatly reduced, but they have a certain degree of water solubility and are easily washed out. If the amount of β-hydroxyethylsulfone sulfate group and vinylsulfone group is controlled in a certain proportion in the commercial product, the dyestuff can ensure that the reactive dyestuff has sufficient water solubility, and the juxtaposition fiber also has considerable affinity. Therefore, the use of such dyes can greatly reduce the amount of salt, suitable for low salt dyeing process.

Dystar's Remazol EF series dyes for low-salt dyeing contain two beta-sulfate ethyl sulfones in its molecular structure and contain a certain proportion of vinyl sulfone dyes. The amount of inorganic salt used is 1/1 of the conventional process. 3, the dyeing process is shortened.

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