Di Figure women's three major product lines build a female classic fashion

DITTO brand from Hong Kong Di Tuo services and their own way of life is full of positive, intellectual, dreams and beautiful urban women. Di Figure DITTO to a keen international fashion trends, Di Figure women at the same time close to the domestic urban fashion design requirements of women, Di clothing pursuit of "noble, elegant, confident, generous" concept, Di Figure DITTO strive to create a perfect tailoring of women Unique soft beauty.

迪图 - DITTO

1, classic products: The series emphasizes the practicality of the product, highlight the plate type, workmanship and fabric performance, show in the store, to adapt to a wide range of customers, allowing consumers to easily buy. The series will not be in bad inventory even if you have not sold out during the season.

迪图女装三大产品系列 共筑女性经典时尚

2, business products: the performance of the unique brand of products. Is to Di map in order to meet: white-collar workers, executives, executive business executives of a group of business needs products, the store is complete in the product, you can influence the overall image of the store and sales performance, but also can be "Di map" Bring stable VIP customers.

迪图女装三大产品系列 共筑女性经典时尚

3, fashion and leisure products: more reflected Di fashion side. The product has a short sales cycle and will become a bestseller for a period of time. It will be displayed in a conspicuous place in the store, often attracting passengers and stimulating customers' appetite for purchase, thus boosting the overall sales performance.

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