Dong Jie Guoqing appeared ecco brand new conference site

Eleventh National Day the same day, Dong Jie quietly appeared in Chongqing North Street ecco new conference site for the brand platform. On the afternoon of the same day, there was light rain but with no disruption to the fans' enthusiasm for supporting idols. After Dong Jieyi appeared, it caused no small stir and numerous fans were waiting in the rain. The tiny T-shaped stage was packed with water, just to see the stars . Before the conference, Dong Jie accepted an interview with reporters. When a reporter asked her if she had frequent jobs and did not have time to take care of her family, Dong Jie said frankly: "Recently I was really busy and did not have time to take care of children. I intend to take advantage of this holiday season to accompany my children."

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Chen Kun sing for the new film

The "happiness limit" starring Chen Kun and Lin Chi-ling will be released on the 20th. Yesterday, the MV of the second theme song "Happiness Declaration" was also exposed. Cai Kangyong was invited to write lyrics for the song. One of the producers, Chen Kun Also served as the "Declaration of Happiness," the lead singer. It is worth mentioning that Tsai Kang-yung last wrote the word in 1990, when he was starring Wong Cho-yin and Anthony Wong's theme song "A Little Baby" and "If ever owned".

Chinese version of "Changing Faces" started broadcasting

The spy war drama "I am Really" starring Guo Xiaodong, Wang Qianyuan and Guo Xiaofeng will land on the 8th in Zhejiang, Tianjin and other big four TV stations. The play tells the story of underground members during the liberation war suffered spies, under the danger of unable to prove their true identity and enemies, even at their own disfigurement and in-depth story. In addition to Guo Xiaodong and Wang Qiangyuan staged a true show of Sangyi grand dude, Guo Xiaodong's brother Guo Xiaofeng in the play will be disguised as Sangyi state. The three roles play the same role, called the Chinese version of "face."

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