Dragon ticket hot "stamp management" need to be cautious

"Dragon ticket" sales of hot postal market opened higher and go "Dragon ticket is 5:30 in the morning began selling, I 4:00 to the post office in the Xinzhuang post office did not buy, and later drove more than 10 kilometers to the Xuhui post office branch lined up Didn't buy it yet." This is the personal experience of Mr. Chen, a Shanghai stamp collector.

Chen Zhiqin worked for 15 years at the integrated counter of Xuhui Post Office in Shanghai. She told reporters that there are more people who bought zodiac stamps this year than in previous years. “A lot of people were waiting in line at the entrance of the post office in the early morning. Last year was The queuing began at 8pm the previous night. There were more people this year. Someone started lining up at 10am on the 4th. We had more than 50 people queued in the evening when we got off work.”

Not only selling hot, "Dragon ticket" prices also "opener." According to the introduction of the Shanghai Lugong Postcard Market, the large version of the "Dragon Ticket" price is about 190 yuan and the smaller version is about 50 yuan. However, it is not available on the same day, and it is not until January 6th. The price of the "Dragon ticket" is much higher than that of the previous year's zodiac stamps. It is 2 to 3 times the price of the Lunar New Year stamps for rabbits and it is a high open sales.

The industry believes that the sales of "Dragon Tickets" on the one hand is due to the Chinese people's worship of Dragon Totem and on the other, it is a factor of market speculation.

Chen Zhiqin told reporters that nowadays, sales are not only hot stamps, since 2010, commemorative stamps and special stamps have also begun to heat up. In the half hour of the interview, nearly ten people came to inquire about the price of stamps and other postal products.

The “Financing Anxiety” postal market of the masses caused concern about why they bought “Dragon Tickets.” Mr. Chen, a philatelist, said that he was mainly for collection purposes, but there were also friends for investment purposes. “I knew several friends. , raise funds to invest in stamps, mainly short-term operations."

“Now the stamp-making method is almost the same as that of stocks.” Mr. Chen said that this year, investing in stocks has lost 450,000 yuan. Investment in gold and silver is also a loss. “We must find a way to manage it, so some people will fry stamps.”

In recent years, various financial products, real estate, and even cultural products of banks and brokerages have gradually entered the financial life of the people. However, as housing prices are in control, and the stock market is in recession, it is not easy for the people to find that defending the “money bag”.

Due to the long-term downturn in the stock market and the difficulty in industrial investment, a large amount of social funds flowed out of the banking system and entered the virtual economy. In recent years, these exchanges have spread from first-tier cities to second-tier and third-tier cities and have traded more than 100 varieties. They not only include rare and precious metal products and cultural artifacts, but even a variety of property rights and derivative indices have become transactions. business.

In such a big environment, the tepid stamp market has begun to boom.

On the 5th Shanghai Lugong Postage Card Market, the bustling business was very lively. Ms. Zhang said the dealer, the on-site stamp transaction is mainly based on wholesale, and sometimes the turnover of a transaction has hundreds of thousands of dollars. She took out a large version of the Chinese zodiac stamp, which is worth tens of thousands of yuan. The most precious 80 version of the monkey ticket is worth more than 10,000 yuan. "A large version of a monkey ticket is a set of houses," said Ms. Zhang.

The postal market still needs to be cautious in business opportunities. Since the merchants of the Shanghai Yunzhou Antique City, which started the stamp business in 1987, Mr. Chen said that from 1997 to 2010, the Chinese stamp market was sluggish, but in 2011 it was a fire for a while. The price of less stamps was upped, and it began to fall again around November 2011. It has not yet recovered. The ups and downs of the postal market are still relatively large. In order to invest, it is necessary to strengthen risk awareness.

However, the fiery stamp market has attracted many people to invest in "fried stamps." Mr. Chen from Shanghai Yunzhou Antique City said that compared with the old stamps, the market is now mainly selling new stamps. The price of the new stamps has been very high. Ms. Zhang, a merchant at Lugong Post Office, also revealed that the old version of the long ticket began to rise in 2011, and the price of this year's New Dragon ticket has been excessively high, and it is still risky.

Song Yu, an analyst at the senior postal card market, analyzed: “This year, the New Dragon Tickets have gained a lot, which is a sharp increase. There are market speculation factors and prices will remain high in the short term, but due to the large number of original tickets, the long term will decline. Is more likely."

Speaking of “stamping money”, Song Yu said: “This is not a new situation. Someone did it in the 1980s. Like other art investments, investing in stamps requires a high level of professionalism. Basically, it is a niche group. Financial management methods."

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