Each air-conditioning manufacturer carefully planned advertising language to reflect the brand concept

Advertising language reflects brand marketing characteristics

The effect of print advertising needs to be well played, and advertising language is one of the key factors. Brand image and marketing ideas can be subtly included. South Korea's LG pioneering the Chinese market is firmly established, and its high-level print advertisements are evident. The series of initiatives such as the launch of new products and active marketing are more ambitions. The introduction of new products such as plasma air conditioners and fresh air conditioners. Leading the way with technology leadership and service first.

Haier's advertising strategy reflects its unique unique charm, which is reflected in the print advertising in every aspect of real-life marketing. Product development continues, new products come one after another, in January launched Haier inverter Century Superman, February Haier MRV network frequency conversion family central air conditioning, March space gold Marshal, May listed DC inverter air conditioner, etc.; infectious commentary is both stimulating The consumer's desire to purchase has enriched Haier's brand power.

Re-presenting the true feelings of humanity, Gree shouted the Chinese air-conditioning industry with the slogan of “Good Air Conditioning Gree” and was recognized by consumers.

In terms of product technical performance, the first 50% evaporator to achieve ultra-small air conditioning, the introduction of the new Gree butterfly air conditioning. In terms of service marketing, Gree held a large return visit to Gree Air Conditioning in 2001. In addition, some advertisements should reveal the image of Gree Air Conditioning in the eyes of dealers, such as: "Geli Standard/Industry Standard".

Midea's air conditioners embody their brand's tenet in a plain language: "The most affordable beauty is the beauty of life", and "the first thing that comes to mind is the customer." Secondly, it reflects the thoughtful and meticulous service of its services: “full service to your home” and launched on-site service activities. The new product slogan is simple and clear. In addition, Midea’s success in launching relevant series of promotions on Mother’s Day and Beijing Olympics has earned reputation while increasing sales.

This year, Hisense’s main product concept is still the salary increment. Hisense’s H-generation inverter air conditioner “Technology creates new life” reflects the core driving force of Hisense’s air-conditioning development. At the same time, Hisense also held promotional activities such as “Hisense Air Conditioning Ceremony and Grateful Action”. . Air-conditioning manufacturers and merchants staged a fierce air-conditioning market dispute at the beginning of the new century. If the improvement of product development, production, sales and service is as stated in its advertising campaign, then we will see not only consumers. The use of high quality and low price air conditioners to obtain superior service also indicates that a number of well-known brands will rise.

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