ECA Women's 2015 autumn new listing to see the fashion clash of red and black

Red, warm and lively, happy and unrestrained; black, solemn, mysterious and elegant. Red and black are a pair of very important colors. Although they are extreme and antithetical, they have unspeakable common features. However, the simultaneous use of these conflicting colors is an undeniable classic match in the use of color. It can be as elegant as Hepburn, but also can be a smart and cute little girls, but also can be pretty girl sexy modern. ECA women's 2015 autumn new, take you to see the red and black fashion collision!


If the autumn represents the harvest, then you must ultimately represent the festive red to cheer this season's harvest. ECA Women's Autumn 2015 new, close-fitting soft knit sweater, highlight the curve. A simple black A-line dress in the red dot decoration to create a mysterious elegance. Black and red love shoes exudes a rich retro atmosphere, so that the overall match is more eye-catching, beautiful youth should be so blooming.

ECA女装2015秋装新款上市  看红与黑的时尚碰撞

In the interlaced years of changing seasons, skirts are always the most beautiful language girls can tell. Tight type of soft light weight wrapped in soft body, the waist fold elegant Yi marks. Drape full pendulum, exercise is the United States, quiet is the United States, joy is the United States, sadness is the United States, a hurry to turn around, moment of Fanghua. Simple crop, amazing time, gentle years.

ECA女装2015秋装新款上市  看红与黑的时尚碰撞

Red and black color matching is not only suitable for hot women, workplace bones can also try to put down the blind black and white colors, in the upcoming fall, with red and black interpretation of high street style. Black sweater + black and red skirt, compared to the red, it is more a touch of mystery and dignified, cold goddess who has been captured the heart?

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