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Ethnic crafts Batik. The ancient name is Waxuan, with twisted tie (dye-dyeing), and clip-on (stencil printing). It is also known as the ancient three major printing techniques in China. It is an ancient folk traditional textile printing and dyeing technique in China.

Batik is actually "wax-proof dyeing". It uses wax to mark pattern patterns on natural fabrics such as hemp, silk, cotton, and wool, and then dip through indigo dyeing tanks through a unique process, as the block of wax blocks and folds and splits. The dyes are non-uniformly infiltrated into black and white, simple and elegant patterns of various dyeing patterns, with rich ethnic customs and rustic flavor, is a unique folk art.

embroidery. Miao embroidery represents the highest level of ethnic embroidery in China, and Miao embroidery in southeastern Guizhou is an ancient art of beautifying the costumes.

Miao women use colored silk threads to embroider unique, simple, complicated and beautiful designs on clothing. Their embroidery is colorful, contrasting and simple. The designs are drawn from the Miao history, mythology, nature and life. Style, its methods are flat embroidery, embroidery, horsetail embroidery and embroidery, etc. more than 20 species. Miao embroidery and silver ornaments together constitute the main features of Miao women's costumes. Miao embroidery has a strong ideographic function, known as "the history of the body" and "totem wearing."

Silverware. Silverware is a unique decoration of Miaofei, which is worn by women in addition to a small amount of men's wear. Silverware is not only a symbol of beauty but also a mate's bargaining chip for an unmarried girl. Parents will spare no effort to purchase silver ornaments for their daughter to have a good home.

The Miao’s silverware is not only superbly crafted, but also distinguished by its deep meanings from the silver ornaments of other peoples. Taking "Feng" as the main form of the silver crown is the performance of the Miao bird worship concept. The Miao’s silver crown is positive. The “Shuangfeng Chaoyang” shape is placed on the main body and placed on the “Two Dragons Beads”. There is also a large silver phoenix bird on the top of the silver crown with two to four small sides on both sides. Birds mean that birds are phoenixes. The silver medal on the silver crown also has a bird pattern.

The coolness of the Miao people toward silverware is second to none in our national family. Therefore, their silversmithing process is also first class. They use silver ornaments as their beauty and silver ornaments as symbols of wealth. At the same time, in their eyes, silverware is still a symbol of avoidance, security and light. Men dressed in silver can go out to avoid evil and go home safely. In addition to the beauty, the silver arhats in children's hats and clothes also contain the idea of ​​driving plagues and blessing the children's healthy growth. Women wear silver jewelry, but also a symbol of good luck.

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