Henan before the yuan - "fast fashion" men to create cheap first fashion men's brand

On August 09, with the support of the former BC Corporation in Hong Kong, the pre-RMB Henan branch successfully held the "Pre-BC Fall / Winter 2012 New Product • Fashion Tasting". It is understood that the concept of clothing design before the brand from the classic passion of Mesopotamian civilization, advocating true color, nature, with simple, sophisticated unique style so that the cowboy returned to the original. Humanistic spirit as the main body of the design guidelines, promote the modern sense of the senses and the combination of spiritual experience, so that the product combines comfort, taste and thoughtfulness, the addition of elements of idealism, but also make the product full of flavor. And close to the latest international fashion design methods with the nostalgic performance of the brand background, a strong time-space products to show a more glamorous fashion sense, and fantastic romantic color. This conference T stage, the new clothing that represents the emotional elite groups, free and easy and symbolic of the romantic tone of personality and freedom presents sparkling contrast, but also a wonderful fusion, it is memorable. Before the fall of the RMB-2012 autumn and winter set off a new wave of investment contract signing 2012 autumn and winter before the new conference in New York on display a total of nearly 200 new models, fashion, personality of the two series, product positioning in the 20-30 years old, dressed in fashion, pay attention Mix and match urban fashion groups. More emphasis on the design of the new fabric, technology, board type, color, emphasize the design sense, red, orange, geometric elements are heavily used in this season new design, it can be said to lead the fashion men's fashion trend autumn and winter! This conference, the fall and winter of new products before the yuan became the merchants and orders pushed to the mad Lan, triggered the order investment frenzy, on-site reached a number of cooperation intentions customers. Signing guests ceremony ceremony, the former director of Hong Kong BC former head of Mr. Zhao Yuzhou, Shanxi Jincheng Mr. Wu, Mr. Shang Qiu Jin 19 awards prizes, and many other regions in many customers have expressed strong cooperation before the dollar Intentions to set off investment signing frenzy!

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