Home Textiles Exhibition: High-tech textile materials known as insect repellent

Recently, the 2012 China International Home Textiles & Accessories Exposition opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Suppliers from China, Italy, Korea, and Spain all displayed high-end home textile products and related products from various countries. One of them was The antibacterial, insect-repellent and mosquito repellent fabrics independently developed by local private enterprises have attracted the attention of many visitors.

In the booth of a Shanghai Textile Technology Co., Ltd. booth, a seemingly insignificant piece of pure white linen was placed in a prominent position on the booth. According to the staff, the fabric of this special fabric can not only prevent mosquitoes but also have antibacterial effects.

“Originally we only made ordinary purchasers. After the international economic situation fell in 2008 and began to transform, we found that hotels and hospitals in the United States have demand for home textile products of antibacterial materials. So we cooperated with European universities to research and develop a treasure. Masterbatch, and based on its research and development, the final weaving into polypropylene, made of sheets, pillowcases and other home textile products." Staff revealed that, and the market is mostly used to coat antibacterial fabrics, this fabric after multiple washing Still have special functions such as antibacterial.

The staff revealed that the current price of the fabric is 10% to 15% higher than that of ordinary fabrics. Many home textile brands value their functions and are interested in cooperating with them. However, the company is still looking for suitable partners. “Fabric Zhongbao The content of Funing Masterbatch must meet a certain standard before it can play a special antibacterial and insect control function. Some brands may only want to join a small number of special materials and blend with a large number of other materials. To be a gimmick, it may not be in line with our original intention."

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