How can e-commerce gift operators be absent?

In 2012, the China Gift Industry Research Institute applied the statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Commerce, and industry statistics to the individual gifts and the group statistics of the gift industry. At present, China’s individual annual gift demand is about 505.5 billion yuan. The demand for gifts is approximately 262.9 billion yuan, of which business and welfare gifts account for more than 190 billion. The total annual domestic gift market demand is about 768.4 billion yuan, and the overall market is close to 800 billion.

It is worth noting that, compared with previous years, the proportion of e-commerce in the gift market is rapidly rising, and even become the biggest highlight of growth. According to data from the domestic gift professional website Wei Li Wang, in 2011, 65% of e-commerce users in Beishangguang and other cities tend to choose gifts on the Internet. The research report of China’s e-commerce B2C industry released by Zero2IPO Research Center also shows that the more active market segments of China’s e-commerce vertical B2C industry are concentrated in the areas of general merchandise, 3C, apparel, and gifts.

According to the 28th report of CNNIC, as of June 2011, China's online shopping users were approximately 173 million (35.6% usage rate), and group purchase users grew at a high rate, reaching 42.2 million. According to the “Twelfth Five-Year” e-commerce development guidance issued by the Ministry of Commerce recently, in 2010, China’s e-commerce transaction volume reached 4.5 trillion yuan***. It is planned that by 2015, China’s large-scale enterprises will use more than 80% of e-commerce, and the use of e-commerce will account for more than 10% of China’s total import and export trade that year, and online retail sales will be equal to the total retail sales of consumer goods in the current year. % or more (China's total retail sales in 2010 reached 500 billion ***, total retail sales of social consumer goods 15.45 trillion). Well-known online retail platform - Taobao, the transaction value in 2010 exceeded 400 billion, of which, Guangdong Province, the first place in all regions (provinces), Taobao 2010 turnover reached 37.75 billion yuan. On the day of the 2011 Singles Day, the transaction volume of Taobao Mall reached 3.36 billion yuan, and the total transactions of Taobao and Taobao Mall Alipay exceeded 5.2 billion. Taking advantage of the development of the mobile Internet, Taobao's influence spreads from PC terminals to mobile terminals. The data shows that in 2010, the cumulative turnover of mobile Taobao reached 1.8 billion yuan. In the first half of 2011, it has completed 2.5 times of 2010 annual revenue. To reach 4.5 billion yuan***, it is expected to exceed 10 billion within this year. Ma Yun declared that Taobao will create 1 trillion yuan worth of transactions in 2012.

In such an e-commerce feast, how can a gradually-tuned communication operator find a front seat? Ericsson’s competitive intelligence communications analysts specially planned six initiatives to help operators emerge e-commerce.

At present, the amount of e-commerce transactions in China mainly comes from the B2B platform. In addition to Alibaba and HC, B2B platforms have mushroomed in recent years, and foreign B2B platforms have also entered the Chinese market. Currently, the online marketing market through B2B platforms is fiercely competitive. There are many competitors. Ericsson’s competitive intelligence analysts believe that the greater development prospects of e-commerce are online retailing and mobile shopping. Therefore, the strategy proposed in this paper focuses on online retailing.

First, focus on 3C

In 2010, the total amount of online retail in China reached 500 billion yuan, Taobao accounted for 80% of the total, and it brought together a wide range of commodity categories and a large number of sellers. When the situation has been formed and the market is concentrated, only professionalism and differentiation can be used to “break the trend”, for example, where passengers and other apparel professional platforms. As a telecommunications operator, the closest related product is IT digital products. Therefore, it is recommended that operators use the IT digital professional mall to “break the momentum of Taobao” to compete for their share of professionalism and differentiation.

Currently, all three operators already have their own mobile phone malls. The range of single mobile phones is too narrow. It can be fully expanded to IT digital malls, loading tablet PCs, internet cards, laptops, digital cameras, digital video cameras, MP3s, MP4s, mobile hard disks, etc. All digital products, even loading digital product maintenance and other services.

Second, the integration of development and integration here are two aspects of the initiative, one is the integration of operations, and the other is the integration of migration.

With the help of traditional business activities to promote the development of the mall, operators have now tried online number-distribution services. Full-service operators can load the service of broadband and fixed-telephone services into the mall and collect popularity through spikes, group purchases and other activities. , Guide the flow of business to the entity business office through the online shopping mall to purchase related services. The shopping mall can be used as a carrier for traditional promotions to attract more page views, such as pre-stored calls to send mobile phones (gifts), 1 yuan purchases and other promotions.

Especially after loading tablets, laptops, and other products, broadband development and computer product sales can be designed to encourage more and more.

Pay attention to the convenience of the mobile terminal browsing the mall, and pre-install the mall client in the customized mobile phone so that the customer can enter the mall at any time and anywhere.

Integration with the integrated information service platform, like Tencent do pat, Taobao do Want, Baidu do life services. China's various network platforms, who are the first to complete the most comprehensive integration and become the Chinese version of Facebook, who will create the next miracle, e-commerce platform, social platform, search platform, etc. are integrating in this direction, e-commerce, not only Only simple e-commerce, will also find a group of people looking for a job to find a store, shopping, entertainment, friends, exchange and share reviews, promotions and other promotional features.

Third, the time value of convenient cash flow payment is another significant growth point of e-commerce services. Before doing the shopping mall must solve the payment channel problem, there is no favorable payment channel for yourself, this mall is by no means a successful mall. The operator's unique convenient payment channel is the pre-stored credit payment. After the air recharge is made convenient, if the policy also obtains relevant licenses, the credit payment will bring lucrative profit to the operator. At present, Alipay has provided mall merchants short-term **, mall ** merchant payment as a guarantee, low risk, high interest rates, and short time, rapid turnover, if the operator's large amount of call cash flow can be involved in this financial project, support SMEs, while promoting the development of the real economy, can double their existing profits as long as the annual rate of return reaches 6%.

Fourth, the location of the online store to pay attention to the application of location services and regional agency, community agency mall store, based on the user's location, recommended on-site service / delivery of the fastest business. Location-based rapid response service is also one of the differentiated services that distinguishes it from traditional e-commerce. It is also a new profitable point for merchants, especially non-owner branded businesses. Properly high commodity prices and relatively fast delivery times will create a new balance between customers and businesses. In particular, businesses around the subway and bus stations around the site can greatly enhance the mall's attractiveness to users if they can provide quick delivery service at the same location.

Location services are in the ascendant, which is an important development trend in the future. It is also an important foundation for the Internet of Things. Shops in various locations will constitute retail IoT.

V. Authoritative Credit Operators The authoritative reputation image of e-commerce companies needs to be emphasized and established a sound system to protect this authoritative image.

According to the ranking of Taobao’s turnover in various categories in 2010, mobile phones, laptops and other products now have a certain online market size. However, there are data that Taobao mobile phones are mainly on the low-end models of hundreds of pieces, in addition, the proportion of transactions in the market does not appear in the top ten "laptop", relying on the credibility of Taobao Mall guarantees, in the mall Sales accounted for the top ten in sales. Representatives of high-end mobile phones - iphone sales on Taobao is not ideal. It can be seen that for communication digital products, the credibility protection of other shopping malls has not been generally accepted by consumers. The credit guarantee of operators establishing communication digital product malls is another opportunity, which needs to be emphasized. The operator platform has a certain degree of credibility. For example, many people would rather pay more to book airline tickets on operators' platforms such as the number of Knowstong, for the authoritative reputation of the operator platform.

VI. Celebrity Brands The star brands here do not refer to brand manufacturers that already have strong appeal, but more to service “stars” such as “affordable stars”, “fastest delivery stars” and “returning customers are the most stars”. ...... Through a perfect business credit management system, build a star business, mobilize the enthusiasm of businesses, give users more quality protection.

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