How to choose underwear brand? Ludi Shi comfortable bra showing a good physique

A lot of friends around said that picking a good underwear is really too difficult, sometimes the cup cover just right, but the last buckle; sometimes just buckle up, but the cup cover big or small; When the time because of the chest type can not find the right style ... ... Therefore, many of my friends are to wear a long underwear, this is very unwise, no matter what kind of underwear, wear, wash, dry, closing process In the city will sooner or later lose the original function, such as continue to wear, not only can not be corrected, but also endanger the health, so we must attach great importance to underwear.


Ludi poetry from Dongguan underwear brand , has always believed "comfort" is a bra essential foundation. Based on this can be exposed "sexy, beautiful," a good physique. Since its inception more non-stop accumulation of more models, and constantly optimize the product details, more in line with the oriental women stature. Lace, embroidery and other fabrics are more environmentally friendly and healthy materials, to the gentle care of women.

如何挑选内衣品牌?露蒂诗 舒适好文胸 露出好身形

Fresh and elegant pastoral style, cup of exquisite flower embroidery, vivid and charming, elegant and generous; the bottom edge of the wave-shaped lace embroidery, elegant and elegant but also be able to heal the crowded out of the fat; the back with high permeability lace, Feel comfortable and soft, breathable and strong; three-dimensional three-dimensional cutting, more inclusive, more comfortable to wear, can effectively prevent underarm fat formation, revealing a good physique.

如何挑选内衣品牌?露蒂诗 舒适好文胸 露出好身形

Pale blue always gives a quiet and mild refreshing feel soft and comfortable lace bra for the perfect play the role of embellishment, more noble to wear; chicken heart position to add exquisite pendant as embellishment, but also highlights the elegant atmosphere of the atmosphere ; U-back design, better sharing of shoulder pressure, smoothing the back of fat, to ensure maximum acceptance of Vice Lord breast, exposing a good physique.

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