Imitate the purchase of Beijing department store "matching sales"

Recently, more and more department stores have begun to make matching sales, such as accessories alongside clothing; shoes and bags are placed together. It is reported that the matching sales turned out to be the characteristics of a shopping mall such as Lane Crawford. The China Department Store Business Association stated that collocation sales is a fine grasp of the customer's shopping psychology, which can not only improve the shopping experience but also promote sales.

Jinmei, the director of the marketing and planning department of the contemporary mall, introduced that the more typical model was Masfiel, which originally sold garments. The accessories were not for sale. Many customers later liked these accessories and now they are all sold. “In recent years, collocation sales have indeed become more popular, such as the increase in the proportion of bags appearing on the counter of shoes.”

It is reported that most domestic department stores are displayed according to the product category, and most of the shopping malls are divided into floors, such as cosmetics on the first floor, men's clothing on the second floor, and women's clothing on the third floor. According to this kind of display method, consumers must go to the store to select goods according to the floor, all goods must rely on their own eyes to match, the mall's function is to sell only, showing the relatively extensive marketing tools.

“Actually, the way that department stores are displayed by category has long been broken by some big brands.” According to the relevant person in charge of China’s department store business associations, such as Nike, Adidas, etc., their products are all concentrated sales, clothing, shoes And so are all together.

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