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Every childhood, there are innumerable dreamlike innocent dreams: Cinderella's crystal shoes, frog prince, beautiful princess and dwarf ... In the adult world, who care for these crystal clear innocence dream, who care about the children that a trace Silk joyless desire and hope. IKALI children's play equipment from the dreamy Nordic and fairy tale hometown travels with the children through the world of fairy tales and interprets the purest childhood dreams for the children. IKALI Children's Lifestyle Game Set introduces the COSPLAY costume culture in Northern Europe and other regions. It integrates popular elements such as anime games, cartoon characters and fairy tales. With vivid colors and vivid colors, IKALI's unique design style pays close attention to the new generation of young parents and their children Lifestyle brand concept and other elements of the gene, pay attention to comfort, sophistication, environmental safety, and fully demonstrate the fantastic and magical charm of children's clothing for children to create a childlike, happy, stylish, healthy sunshine childhood. IKALI believes that every childhood should be filled with dreams and joy. Parents' actions are also influencing and changing the way children grow. IKALI hopes that by combining lifestyles with Game style in one of the costume design, as well as "concerned about the way parents, children witness the happy growth," the simple concept of the brand, happy growth with the children.

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