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Qingdao love see love Clothing Co., Ltd is set creative development, processing and production, franchising in one of the strength to send business. Its flagship apparel brand mainly deals with parent-child equipment, parent-child equipment, couple jeans and couple hats. It enjoys a good reputation among consumers and has been a leader in the industry for more than a decade after its continuous development. The investment promotion activities to the whole country will surely arouse great concern from the industry. The reason why I see love clothing brand to join the industry is optimistic about the industry, mainly because of its two major characteristics: The first major feature is: "zero cost", the current market all walks of life to join the project is very large, but the basic income alliance fee , Start-up project has not yet started, we must pay a high initial fee, no doubt to investors has brought a huge risk. Still have to pay the deposit, it is more for investors to stay away from it. Yi see love clothing from the perspective of venture investors, taking into account the actual situation of investors, relying on the strength of a strong business, all franchisees promised to be free from all the franchise fee and deposit, the cost to a minimum, thereby minimizing the risk , So that franchisees do not have their own burden to play, eliminating the worries of investors. The second major feature is: "good policy", Qingdao Yi see Love Clothing Co., Ltd welcomed the people with lofty ideals to visit the headquarters, and promised reimbursement of train fares, the success of investors to join, the company will arrange for professionals to provide free training guidance And store decoration design, provided free underwear racks, handbags and joined the plaque, to provide a free product image album and promotional programs. The company will continue to invest in television, media, internet, newspapers and other media to help franchisees quickly open the sales market. At the same time also for the franchisee to provide 100% garment exchange services, and the use of well-developed logistics network, the same day delivery, speed, safety and low prices. The above two big features, and effectively strengthen the Iraqi love costumes to join the program competitiveness and dominance, aroused great concern in the industry is not surprising. We have reason to believe that more and more people will benefit from the love of love and clothing, a new wealth hero! Joining consulting qq: to join Tel:

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