Mammy's star Christmas gift to children in advance

Christmas, New Year approaching, taking advantage of the cold wind, the end of the season in 2012, the four seasons reincarnation is the law of nature forever, every season will make people feel and lament. Winter, is a tough yet charming season, warm and poetic. Mammy's star brings 2012 winter new products to share the romantic memories of winter season with children. Mummy Star Kids in major stores and counters to carry out a series of activities to promote sales performance, but also played a very good effect, Dongguan Ming Fung store sales week 180,000, Changan Rainbow store sales of 120,000 good performance, Also get the majority of loyal consumers recognition and love. Changan Rainbow Mall catwalk scene Mammy's star, painted with red, blue, khaki-based European and American style clothing, with the domestic fashion trends, to be a vest, scarves, hats and other accessories, through the colors , Contour, material, etc. Appropriate interpretation of the child's love will be integrated into them. In this dream season, "Mammy's star" will be fashion, exquisite, environmentally friendly, elegant Italian style perfect for everyone to pass. "Mammy's star" brand children's clothing style colors the beauty of the natural beauty of the original restoration, with exquisite materials and bright colors to build a child's innocent dream paradise, with love music and heart whisper fusion parenting Children love poems. Changan Rainbow Mall Catwalk scene has been, whether it is with the color, or cut the details of treatment, "Mammy's star" are almost perfect gesture to show. As a combination of fashion and romance, "Mammy's star" is more focused on meeting the unique characteristics of the target consumer, paying more attention to the combination of tailoring and ergonomics, emphasizing wearing beauty and comfort, making Mammy's star (Mommy Star) "generous fashion, healthy and comfortable, childlike" style of the brand positioning has been vividly reflected. Behind the efforts, Mammy's star will bring more surprises and interests to children! Dongguan Ju Cheng Clothing Co., Ltd --Mammy's star Company Address: Shijie Town, Dongguan City, southwest of the second industrial zone National consulting Children's clothing brand Join Hotline: Fax: Official website:

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