Manuel slave women feel the ever-changing fashion trends

MIGAINO brand women 's mission is to inspire Chinese urban women's self-confidence, guide them to find their own charm, let them re-examine their own beauty, from the line of sight to themselves, proudly fall in love with oneself, to create a unique one.


Light pink dress, self-cultivation of the cut design and simple style, unique tail skirt cut, to the simple skirt to find a bright spot, wear out confident charm.

曼娅奴女装 感受瞬息万变的时尚潮流

T-shirts with half-length skirts, is the most simple but has the most learned mix, pink long-sleeved T shirt waist design originality, receive the lace eye-catching style. Black skirt embellishment several white points away from the Kabo, black and white phase contrast, the classic continuous.

Foldable Chair Prayer MAT

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