Men's suit with a better looking suede fabric suit

More and more men know how to dress themselves, and more and more refined, and some will be more than a woman with, but also some are missing fish do not know how to mix with their own, have a better looks do not know how to match their own really Pity. Kaduni men's autumn and winter 2014 new suede suits fabric, so you become the perfect man. Men's dress is not need to pay attention to what? Women are carefully dressed themselves, how can you fall behind? Kadini men's suede suits fabric styles, suit with a more attractive look, suede fabric design is not a dazzling color, but these two colors are very good-looking, that is, steady and yet stylish, take the ride Is also a corduroy fabric shirt is definitely a mature man's dress. Dark suit style, the fabric is also different from the ordinary suit fabric, take a burgundy shirt inside a very sense of sophistication Oh, Kardashian men an exquisite suit can make you upgrade grade, you can also make your fashion show, the man No matter what style you like, you have to try the suit style, which will give you another feeling.

Bamboo Fabric

  1. Bamboo fiber is made from bamboo. It has good air permeability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance, good dyeing and other excellent characteristics.
  2. Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor and anti-ultraviolet effect. It is a kind of biodegradable fiber, can be completely decomposed in the soil, and do not cause damage to the surrounding environment.
  3. Bamboo fiber also can effectively block ultraviolet radiation on the human body. Will not cause any allergic adverse reactions to the human skin, it is a real skin care products.

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