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Xiamen Yue Mei Wan Garments Co., Ltd. under the famous women's brand , the arrival of the spring of 2012 it, she also brought 2012 new spring wear to meet with you, the spring tide of the season, as a multi-faceted workplace you " Recycling cycle "yet? If you have not, do not disappoint the best time, let the battlefield rose in the most beautiful place.


Moonlight Bay brand women, elegant is her nature, she hopes like to meet people who are story urban women. Her elegant but not extravagant, but not the slightest artificial meaning. She contains a sense of fashion design and urban art with a humanistic atmosphere. She was born for urban women, only dressed up as the most exciting chapter of a city woman's life.


Elegant, subtle, sensual, as always, exquisite. Moonlight Bay yet steady, elegant and generous design, personal smooth cut, the performance of rich details of the changes, with the series of inter-urban women to create elegant, intellectual, fashion style.


          Aoshen chlorine-resistant spandex maintains the characteristics of high elasticity and strength as well as excellent chlorine-resistant property, thus it can effectively keep fabrics from elasticity deterioration due to the bleaching agent in the course of washing and keep the fabrics like swimsuits from becoming brittle due to the active chlorine in the environment like swimming pool. It can alleviate spandex damages caused by chlorine when the elastic denim needs chlorine-bleaching for the distressed effect.




  • Excellent heat-resistant property
  • Great elastic recovery rate
  • High  strength
  • Chlorine-resistant


Sportswear,   Jeans ,  Swimsuits, etc.

Chlorine Resistant Spandex

Chlorine Resistant Spandex

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