Natural gemstones can be removed from urban diseases at 09/24

Natural gemstones contain trace elements that are good for the human body. Many small details in life don't pay attention. In the end, it is not the case that the serious illness is caused. The most important thing is the daily maintenance. Here, I would like to recommend to you the urban diseases that crystal can treat. If you have any symptoms in your daily life, you may wish to give it a try.


Gastrointestinal disease

Gastrointestinal diseases are generally irregular diets, overeating, poor absorption, and may also be the absorption of toxic substances. Nowadays, more and more additives preventive agents are used in foods. People with gastrointestinal problems are most suitable to wear amethyst.

Nasal sensitivity

The pollution in big cities is getting more and more serious, and the toxic substances in the air are increasing. This is very unfavorable for people with weak microfilaments and poor metabolism, and often the nose is sensitive. This group of people is suitable for wearing lapis lazuli, amethyst or aquamarine.


People with migraine often have poor stomach, constipation, high blood levels, excessive stress at work and life, anxiety and abnormal secretion of hormones. This group of people is suitable to wear red tourmaline and garnet.



There are many reasons for insomnia, such as endocrine disorders, excessive stress in work and life, emotional, nervous and so on. This group of people is suitable for wearing obsidian.


People with poor resistance and weak antibodies are susceptible to colds and diseases caused by the environment and food. This group of people is suitable to wear white crystal.


There are many causes of arthritis, such as poor gastrointestinal function, poor liver function, excessive toxins in the body, and sensitivity to food. This group of people is suitable to wear tourmalines and blonde crystals.



Poor air will aggravate the condition of asthma patients. This group of people is suitable for wearing blue sapphire and blue topaz.

heart disease

People with heart disease often have high blood levels, excessive heart pressure, and inability to enter microvessels. These people are suitable for wearing green ghosts, powder crystals, and so on.



People with high blood pressure often have problems with blood vessels, abnormal blood levels, and a bad mood. This group of people is suitable for wearing obsidian.


1, according to the extent of their condition, crystal treatment is only an aid, if the condition is serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for medical treatment.

2, the index has to cure the problem, it is recommended that you can not rely on the crystal treatment

3, good living habits are the most important

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