Offside juvenile equipment: standardize the market order, to ensure the interests of franchisees

Out-of-juvenile equipment sales network has more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, sales of nearly 300 terminals, in regulating the market order, offside Juvenile Pack has always adhered to strict regional protection policies to maximize the protection of the interests of franchisees. Offside youth installed a provincial agency, municipal agent, single store to join the three sales model, for each level of agents, franchisee business scope and responsibilities of authority have made a clear rule, strictly abide by the "only a region Open a shop, "the principle of non-casino, open shop and other illegal business phenomenon. On the principle of equality and voluntariness, the offside side signs the cooperation contract with the franchisee and strictly enforces the contractual stipulations. Due to proper measures, so far, there has not been any franchisee and franchisee conflicts of interest between things. Guangzhou Offside Garments Co., Ltd. (Offside) Offside online consulting: Add: Jia Jun Industrial Park, Jiahe Street, Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Tel: Fax : Website: http: //

The polar fleece what we have produced are all EU standard quality, AZO free, normal weight is from 180gsm to 250gsm, it can be customized according to client`s request. And the fabric owns the feature of anti-pilling function, which can pass the rest of 3-4 degree.

For logo branding, normally both embroidery and printing are suitable for such fabric. For printing, we can use sublimation printing to achieve complicated patterns or reactive printing when the quantity can reach the MOQ.

After the bulk fabric is finished, they will be cutted by different shape of mould into panels of benie, Glove and Scarf,.

Workers start stitching and cutting when the logo branding procedure are also finished, meanwhile, we will make mid term inspection. The last procedure is packing, it will be exactly following customer`s instruction and safety requirement.  


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