OSCARDAN exemplifies the excellence of international brands

Guangzhou Boladi Trade Co., Ltd. is an international brand men's professional agency, with senior business management, product planning, marketing management elite, "pragmatic, progressive, innovation and quality" business philosophy to create a strong international brand. In 2002, the company successfully introduced OSCARDAN, a famous Italian brand, into China and became the sole distributor in China. It has always been adhering to the principle of "Honesty, Cooperation and Win-win" and has been dedicated to cultivating OSCARDAN for many years. Become a leader in the industry. Companies adhering to the international brand management philosophy, based on the scientific marketing theory, the development of the market demand-oriented, the introduction of brand culture connotation of the bond as a CI management system, advanced marketing management system, the standard system management system, the practical terminal Training system, a sound guarantee system and strict supervision and management system to establish and maintain the brand image, make OSCARDAN full international brand excellence. The company respects and cherishes the brand's high-quality customers, integrates the market network resources, selects the customers, and focuses on the support. The Company will help some of its clients to stand out from the crowd and make them a leader in branded apparel management and OSCARDAN's terminal model in China resulting in strong brand exposure and appeal to lead more customers to choose OSCARDAN and OSCARDAN and Share the lucrative return of OSCARDAN.

Anti-Cut/PU Glove

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