Plaid shirt mix and match wear spring and summer plaid shirt with how

As the season changes, popular elements also change, but there is an element that has never stopped before it has been popular, that is the grid elements, whether it is plaid shirt, plaid pants, plaid dress, a series of grid are still So popular, Mommy Star Kids teach you how to match the wild plaid shirt. Plaid shirt simple, small fresh, it seems more literary Fan, this short-sleeved shirt men's short-sleeved shirt, short-sleeved shirt can be a single can also be used as a jacket, but Xiaobian is intended to be used with a more handsome, this plaid shirt Took a yellow shirt with a beige slash underpants simplicity and patience. If it is as a single wear short-sleeved plaid shirt, then we should choose bright colors, this bright stitching is absolutely suitable for small boys dress, different colors, plaid shirt is also very wild to wear matching casual pants, jeans are good looking Oh.


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