Precautions in the process of joining the business

[China Glass Network] The big advantage of franchising chain stores is that they can directly borrow the gold medals from the headquarters and use the experience of the headquarters to reduce the risk of investment and operation. In the course of business operations, franchisees will involve financial management, personnel management, market development, peer competition and many other factors, and each franchise store will have a large relationship with the headquarters due to local customs, market, and competitive environment. difference. Through the empirical research and analysis of multiple franchise entrepreneurs, we have come to believe that in order to make a stable profit, franchisees must absorb the business philosophy and operation methods of the headquarters as their own methods and cultivate their own management. ability.

First, in the early stage, the franchisees should pay attention to reasonable financing and reasonable investment.

Due to the rush to start a business, some franchisees are willing to raise funds, deposits, etc., and even borrow money from us. Once the store is opened, although the business is still smooth, but every day in order to raise money to pay debts, completely unintentional investment in the business. The operators who should have led the battle, once they left the front line because of the dispatch of funds, the other employees in the store will be affected immediately, so the service quality is gradually declining. The customer is also sensitive, and will gradually move away from the store. Of course, the performance will not be able to go up again. The store with good business is often ruined. The franchisees must do their best and choose the franchise fee that suits their threshold. Otherwise, the debt will be high and the whole day will be worried, which will have a great impact on the operation of the store. At the same time, the franchisees must determine a reasonable proportion of the investment in the entire fund, and do a good overall planning.

Second, control the operating costs, plan the purchase strategy

The cost control of the business process is very important. A small expenditure is equivalent to an extra profit, and it is necessary to reduce the cost to a lower range. However, excessive savings are also incorrect. For example, in the Joyce jewelry store, the lighting effect is an indispensable condition for the sales of the jewelry store to attract customers. If the spotlight is turned off for power saving, it will definitely not be worth the candle. At the same time, planning the purchase strategy and adjusting the turnover rate are also effective ways to control costs.

Third, learn to manage employees

Although after joining, Joyce Jewelry will provide a series of trainings in employee management at the headquarters, which will provide corresponding support to the franchisees. However, Yuanshui can't save the near fire, and the franchisees need to find problems from the source and truly integrate. Learn how to manage employees. We have found from many instances of entrepreneurs that many new bosses are precisely because they do not correctly understand this problem, starting from the usual thinking and doing things according to their own temperament, so it is not surprising that there are internal staff dismantling.

Fourth, learn to manage customers and establish good customer relationships

A grain of wheat has three fates: one is grinding into noodles, being consumed by people, realizing its own value; the second is as a seed, after planting, it produces new grains and creates new value; the third is because of poor storage, moldy Degenerate and lose its value. In other words, if wheat is managed well, it will create value for human beings; if it is not well managed, it will lose its value and even bring negative value. The same is true for customers. If the franchise is well managed, the customer becomes a loyal consumer; if the management is not good, it will be lost a lot and affect other customers.

V. Coordination with the franchise headquarters

The franchise store has a very subtle relationship with the franchise headquarters, which is both dependent on each other and has its own interests. Therefore, there will inevitably be some conflicts between the franchise store and the headquarters. The franchise stores often complain that there is bureaucracy at the headquarters. They only know how to command and lack understanding of the actual situation. The headquarters will also think that the franchise stores are self-centered and willing to go their own way. They do not support or cooperate with the work at the headquarters. When franchisees choose to join the headquarters, they must choose a franchise brand that can provide practical support and guidance for franchisees, and choose those brands that can cooperate well with franchisees.

6. Actively accumulate industry experience

Industry experience for the franchisees, is Han Xin soldiers, more and better. The so-called interlacing is like a mountain, and the different interests of the peers are caused by familiarity or not. Industry experience is hard to come from in one or a few books, and many things can only be obtained by hands-on experience.

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