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The woman is like a peacock on the screen, and always likes to use that gorgeous appearance to attract the world. The pursuit of beauty and fashion is a woman's natural right, but also more than women's motivation struggle. Taste, personality woman, in her wardrobe, there will be several sets of her perfect dress proud. However, not all clothing will make her 100% satisfaction, the French "Isabel Agiacini" brand women 's debut, so many modern urban women Shuhuo smile.

伊莎贝尔·阿珈尼 - Eshabeal Agany

Plaid is a mysterious element, is the source of inspiration for design masters. Beautiful orange plaid long sweater, neatly and regularly decorated with white black and white. Ingenious neckline and cuff design for the original ghost woman is more temperament, this is the "Isabel Agiacini" women's brand of women's selection of European and American style.


Gray is always the most dynamic color. This body "Isabel Agiacini" brand women's long gray personality trench coat, the perfect interpretation of the female star's temperament. Clever open collar design, like the most popular cloak nowadays, clever mix and match innovative, half-sleeved design adds unexpected art, showing a woman's romance and avant-garde.

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