Red Betty women bring comfort and romance to modern urban women

Shenzhen Rongzi apparel is a design, production and sales in one of the professional women's apparel business. The company's brand of women 's wear was founded in 1996, while emphasizing the concept of "fashion, elegant" life, with the purpose of "interpreting the charm of oriental women in the language of Red Betty ," the design elements of the fashion front, unique and beautiful crafts Use, the improvement of tailoring work and high-end comfort natural fabrics organically together, with fashion, fresh, pure, natural romantic style, advocating freedom, the pursuit of personality and perfect modern city women brought a relaxed, A romantic!


Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the new, pragmatic and trustworthy business principles, step by step, with ISO9001: 2000 product quality management system as the standard, adhere to the "quality of life is the" belief, and strive to higher requirements Quality to meet our customers the greatest degree of convenience and comfort, excellent value for money to complete the service!

红贝缇女装 为现代都市女性带来轻松与浪漫

In the competitive world of women's wear, the Company accurately grasped the market orientation, developed steadily and achieved the "CIS" corporate image strategy project while it completed its transition from the beginning to the end. Scientific management mode and advanced marketing concept. To date, it has owned over 6,000 square meters of large-scale modern manufacturing plant and a large number of professional design teams and high-quality management personnel. Under the guidance of service concept of "people-oriented and sincere cooperation" , A marketing network covering nearly 200 points covering more than 20 provinces, cities and regions throughout mainland China has been constructed.

anti-skid design,Canned cups and styles and elegant English style are full of exotic charm,And close to nature's attitude towards life.Exotic design, fresh English style, showing a strong regional flavor.The unique design of glass body makes people fondle admiringly and has distinct personality.All glass material with slip proof design at the bottom. 

Mugs With English Letters

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