Ruima women's casual fashion "tide" I think

People pay attention to work, and usually go to work to wear formal wear, do not know what to wear a MM, Rui Ma women teach you to work white-collar workers, get off work style ladies and ladies.


Loose dress, very casual, the most important point in summer is cool, not only stylish, but also cool, pink gradient trend is very new. Never follow the trend to wear to wear out their own characteristics.

芮玛女装 休闲时尚“潮”我看

Bohemian-style dress, irregular orange T-shirt, can be free to tie style, each have a new idea, so you are not the same clothes.

The composition of polyester and cotton Camouflage Fabric is TC or CVC,blended or interweaved by polyester and cotton fibre. The struction of this fabric is plain, twill, stain and rip-stop.These are woodland ,jungle,desert,sea and sky patterns. After special treatment, the surface of the camouflage has near infrared retardant(IRR) function. At the same time, it can increase the functions of flame retardant and waterproof. In addition, high breaking and tearing strength and good printing color fastness are the basic requirements.It's worn comfortably.It's widely used for uniforms,garments and other cloth.

Cotton And Polyester Camouflage Fabric

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