September weekend suitable for what to wear to Hangzhou West Lake how to wear

If you are working in Hangzhou near the crowd, it is not to have not been to the West Lake and regret it? In order to make up for such regret, we still decided to pick a weekend to play, anyway, nor is it very far, the beauty of the West Lake allows you to linger, Sijia ladies wear West weekend weekends wearing clothing. Travel A very attractive experience, beautiful beauty into one.

司嘉仪 - sceayi

Bright yellow should be a very dazzling color, then the West Lake is certainly green effect, because the lotus, willow can see the beauty, then you do not have to wear red nor green, it may be integrated, there is no special characteristics , With the usual wear is not the same, but also to pick the color a little, Secretary Ka Wah Women bright yellow dress style, can be a long-sleeved can also be short-sleeved, you can see your own favorite.

九月周末适合穿什么衣服 去杭州西湖该怎么穿

Can also be a small fresh dress, certainly the classic black and white, classic black and white is not very attractive? Looks very classic fashion, black and white with the jacket can be arbitrary, for example, this white shirt + black umbrella skirt coupled with a yellow stitching black jacket, handsome short paragraph jacket instantly become different.

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