Shower room glass maintenance five must remember

[China Glass Net] The tempered glass of the shower room appears to be self-destructing. In addition to the quality of the glass itself and improper installation, another common cause is improper maintenance. Let's take a look at how to properly maintain the tempered glass in the shower room and reduce the chance of glass self-explosion.

First, avoid sharp objects scratched

Tempered glass is very strong and can even withstand the weight of several people, but it has a weakness, that is, it is afraid of being scratched and hit by sharp objects. Since the contact area of ​​the sharp object is small, the contact point has a relatively large pressure on the glass, causing the glass to be subjected to a large external force at the point to cause slight cracking, and for the tempered glass, a little cracking means The stress distribution inside the monolithic glass is destroyed, resulting in numerous spider web cracks in an instant.

Second, focus on protecting the corners of the glass

The middle portion of the tempered glass is relatively strong, and the four corners and edges are weak. In these parts, once there is a crack, it is easy to smash the whole piece of glass. I don't know if you have observed it. The safety hammer on the window glass of the bus is located on the corner of the glass. How can the decoration save money? Home improvement network, free design budget quote. This is also the use of the characteristics of tempered glass. For the shower room, we don't want the glass to be broken. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to protect the corner position of the glass and regularly check whether the corners have cracks.

Third, attach the explosion-proof membrane to reduce the self-explosion hazard

In the shower room products on the market, due to the consideration of aesthetics and the like, the glass generally does not have an explosion-proof membrane. The explosion-proof membrane can increase the strength of the tempered glass, and at the same time, the tempered glass bursts, and the self-explosive glass fragments can be adhered together by the adhesive force of the explosion-proof membrane to prevent the glass fragments from being splashed and injured by the glass self-explosion. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of self-explosion in the shower room glass, the owner can purchase an explosion-proof film to protect it just in case.

Fourth, use the light to open slowly

Although the strength of the shower room tempered glass is high, the performance in all aspects is relatively strong. But you can't treat it rudely, such as using a very large force when switching, and using brute force when it is closed and not smooth.

Fifth, gradually increase the shower water temperature

The tempered glass products that are self-destructing are not necessarily counterfeit and shoddy products. It is also easy to cause self-explosion when it is cold or hot or has a strong external force. The inside of the shower room is a relatively closed space. When the high temperature and high pressure accumulate to a certain extent, it will put pressure on the glass screen. It is recommended that when bathing in a glass shower room, do not suddenly use hot water, and gradually increase the water temperature.


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