The cotton yarn market is light and the maintenance of cotton in India does not affect the yarn

Cotton market: The Indian government announced today (March 5) that it will ban the export of cotton with tariff numbers 5201 and 5203, including export orders already registered with the government. According to Indian customers, the cotton it prepares for shipment at the port today is no longer able to declare. However, the downstream yarns are still subject to weak demand and the impact of stocks is high. In the short term, the market price will be difficult to reverse.

Cotton Yarn Market: The cotton yarn market remains light and the actual market sales are relatively small. The main reason is that the prices of cotton and cotton yarns have gone up and down so much that the downstream foreign orders have lost too much. However, the international market has a poor environment and orders have decreased. Insufficient start-up of weaving mills and weak yarn prices. At present, the mainstream prices for 32S and 40S knitting in Shaoxing Qianqing market are 26,000 yuan/ton and 27,000-27500 yuan/ton respectively, and the 32S high price is about 27,000-27500 yuan/ton. The mainstream of 32S combing is about 30000-30500 yuan/ton, and 40S combing mainstream is about 31000-32000 yuan/ton. The local textile enterprises in Dezhou, Shandong Province, increased their wait-and-see mood. Downstream weaving mills and garment factories have significantly reduced the number of cotton yarn purchases, and they become mainstream as they use and buy. At present, cotton yarn sales are sluggish and prices have declined. The average price of C32S pure cotton yarn was about 26,300 yuan/ton last weekend, which was about 200 yuan/ton lower than last week. Textile enterprises are in poor condition. If this situation is maintained for a long time, some textile companies will restrict production, suspend production or even close down.

Qianqing Textiles Market: Today, the yarn market in Shaoxiao is generally weak. The market transaction is still not good. The price of the cotton yarn market is weak, 32S knitting mainstream 26000-26300 yuan/ton, 32S combing mainstream 30000-30500 yuan/ton. . Pure polyester yarn finishing wait and see, 32S woven mainstream 16000-16200 yuan / ton, little turnover. People's cotton yarn has a steady decline of 30S knitting mainstream 22,000 yuan / ton, woven 20,800 yuan / ton, factory shipments continued to be the main focus, blended yarn prices stable and weak, shipping is also less.

Shengze Market in Jiangsu Province: During the weekend, the prices of individual varieties of cotton yarns were discouraged. From the sales of varieties, the demand for 32s and J21s for cotton yarns was better. They were mainly used in the jet cotton/cotton series, and transactions in other specifications were relatively calm. The prices of polyester/cotton yarns continue to be consolidated. The performance of the cotton yarn 10s was fair, and individual cotton yarn prices were lowered. In the blended yarn products, the prices of viscose and viscose yarn products remained stable and the transaction volume was small. The trade of pure polyester yarn 45s is slightly enlarged, and the overall price trend of pure polyester yarn is temporary stability. The market center price of polyester staple fiber with a size of 1.4D×38mm has risen at 11,700 yuan/ton, which is 50 yuan/tonne compared with the price on Friday. The price of viscose staple fiber is stable. The latest market center price is around 17,000 yuan/ton. It is expected that the yarn market will adjust moderately in the future.

Changzhou, Jiangsu market: Recently, the price of individual varieties of cotton yarn has remained stable. The price of polyester-cotton yarn remained stable, and the trading volume of cotton yarn increased slightly. The prices of pure polyester yarns have been consolidating. It is expected that the market outlook for yarn prices will be adjusted.

Zhili Cotton City: Recently, the trading volume of polyester/cotton Grey Fabrics has increased slightly, and the price trend has remained stable and weak. The spring and summer fabrics are dyed plaid cotton fabrics, which are quite promising for local children's clothing manufacturers. The current transaction volume has not yet fully developed. It is expected that the market for cotton fabrics in the next week may be based on a steady adjustment of the market.

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