The meaning of pink crystal

The meaning of pink crystal

Pink crystal is the pink crystal, the research name Furong stone, there are four types of ordinary powder crystal, hibiscus powder crystal, ice seed powder crystal, star powder crystal.

What is the meaning of pink crystal? Pink crystal develops the heart chakra and strengthens the health of heart and lung function. You can relax tension, relieve irritability, help deepen your heart, and discover your self to improve your understanding. Pink crystal exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, which can help improve interpersonal relationships, increase popularity and business relationships, and is the best tool for doing business at the door. Pink crystal can enhance the pink light in its own gas field, pink is the color of love God Venus shows love, can increase the edge of heterosexuality, move peach blossoms, is the best rock of love. Pink crystal can be used to soften one's temperament while wearing his left hand, and his right hand can enhance his attractiveness to the outside world.

Promoting business relationships - Pink Crystal helps increase the margin of business, low alerting people's vigilance, comparison and preparedness, and the ability to buy with confidence and boldness is the best tool for opening the door to doing business. In business occasions or places where people enter and exit frequently, pink crystals can be set up to establish good public relations.

Pink crystal is the first brand of love jewels. It has a strong supportive role in increasing heterosexuality, especially singles and nobles alone, which can help attract the opposite sex. If you have a couple, wearing pink crystal jewelry can improve your feelings with the other half, give you a happy life. If you unfortunately fall out with the other half, wearing can also help you heal love trauma, reduce emotional troubles, pursue love, enjoy love, and master love.

Increase popularity - pink crystal can help change bad relationships, increase popularity, often meet nobles, remove the villain is the best accessories to ease interpersonal relationships.

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