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With the rapid development of the social market economy, the packaging of various products has become more and more important. In order to meet the security of cargo transportation, the packaging deduction has played a decisive role, so the packaging deduction is an essential accessory for all kinds of packaging. It is produced with abundant raw materials and low cost, all from the waste, such as: all kinds of waste beverages, food cans; all kinds of waste decoration paint buckets, cans; all kinds of chemical and other product packaging barrels and all kinds of scrap metal. The plastic strapping belt machine divides the unfolded large piece into two, and then places the cut piece on the entrance of the machine. The machine rotates, and the iron piece will be cut into small pieces on its own. At the same time, the conveying, rolling and rewinding are completed. Buckle, bagging and other five processes, the machine's biggest advantage is that the machine rotates 7-14 buckles at the same time to do it out, a device's daily output is 280-300 kg.
Compared with the semi-automatic equipment in the past, this machine has many advantages. First, it saves labor and improves work efficiency. Second, it reduces the process flow and reduces energy consumption. The third automatic machine has low noise, safe and convenient operation, and the fourth output. With a significant increase, it is 3 times that of semi-automatic machines.
The packaging buckles are produced by fully automatic packing machines, and the output per person and per device can reach about 280 kilograms per day, while the packaging buckles are produced with semi-automatic packing machines. The output of two people and two machines is 80-100 per day. About kilograms.
Packaged deductions and high investment profits There are three main advantages to investing in the project: The first is that the source of raw materials cannot be found, and the finished product cannot be sold; the second is that the product does not have a shelf life, and the product will not degenerate for as long as possible, so there is no need to worry about long storage time; The third is that the project is a processing project, that is, raw materials can be purchased to process finished products. The sales market will change with changes in raw material prices. Long-priced raw materials will also follow long-term prices, and raw material price reductions will also be followed by price cuts. The middle profit will always be maintained. At a level, therefore invest in the project.
The packaging machine is the core equipment for the production of bag buckles. It can complete the process of handling, reshaping, and returning the packaged buckles at one time. It can process 10 to 20 kg per hour of 1.5 to 3.5 cm wide and only needs to connect to 220 V. Lighting power can be produced. Supporting power type I is only 1.1kw, II, III type is only 0.55kw, one person operation, the elderly, women can be processed, the production of packing buckles angular, neat specifications, beautiful, strong, durable, strong, welcomed by the market , Best-selling wholesale and retail markets of factories, mines and miscellaneous goods in large and medium-sized cities throughout the country.
The production of the earliest packaged deductions was done by handwork. The low output did not say that the specifications of the finished deductions were not all the same. It was time consuming and the defective rate was still very high, far from satisfying the huge market demand. Later, the emergence of semi-automatic equipment has greatly improved this situation. Although the output has increased a lot, there are still some problems in the production process, such as: the need for more equipment, the process is cumbersome, must be The unfolding large pieces are cut into small pieces, and then each small piece is rolled into a deduction. Although the output of manual work has increased a lot, the technology is still not perfect.
Advantages of packing machine The machine has a small footprint (only 1 square); light weight (I type 85 kg; type II 120 kg; type III 95 kg); low noise (closed body); good efficiency (one ton of packaging The deduction can get a net profit of more than 800 yuan); high output (about 3 tons per month); broad prospects (packaged deduction is a one-time consumables, the market is never saturated). It is an ideal mechanical choice for you to create wealth.
The packaging deduction machine uses the packaging deduction. During the packaging and transportation of the product, in order to bind the product firmly, the small tin buckles that are tightly linked together are packaged. Although it is small, it is inconspicuous, but its use The amount is very large. Our daily life can be seen everywhere, such as shoe boxes in shoe factories, medicine boxes in pharmaceutical factories, cotton cloths in cotton mills, cotton bags, tiled boxes in tile factories, and cartons for vegetables and vegetables used for long-distance transportation of vegetables. Do not open the packing buckle. It can be seen that packing deduction is inextricably linked with our daily life, but people do not pay much attention to it.
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