Thirty degrees of high temperature wear what summer sleeveless dress choose what color

We like the summer, mostly because of the summer there are a wide range of rich color clothing can choose to enjoy, but the real time to play again committed a difficult. This summer, as long as the gorgeous clothing as bright as a rainbow, you can become the focus of everyone's eyes. Thirty degrees of high temperature, what is more suitable for this season than the sleeveless dress?

Figure: Dan Shige Geer women's 2014 spring and summer

If I choose, I will choose one such blue dress, the design of the pattern is like the sun shines on the sparkling water, it gives a cool feeling, maybe this is the most fascinating summer Place, the white stitching on both sides of the waist have a visual effect, so perfect sleeveless dress, do you like it?

三十几度的高温穿什么合适 夏季无袖连衣裙选什么颜色

Figure: Dan Shige Geer women's 2014 spring and summer

Lace dress, must be the goddess of their favorite style, streak-style stitching, looming sexy most eye-catching, although the multi-layer design, but because of the relationship between the lace fabric, so do not worry will be very hot, airtight And other issues, with a shiny bow necklace, the United States and the United States out of the bar.

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