Two phenomena of enterprise development e-commerce is not profitable

[China Glass Network] Although China's e-commerce is booming, it is not the majority of enterprises that can taste the sweetness, but several e-commerce giants in China are leading the way. Seeing that the giants are so fragrant, many small and medium-sized enterprises are also coveted. Driven by the tide of e-commerce development, they can't wait to enter the industry without any e-commerce training. Due to the blindness, many companies cannot make profits on the road of e-commerce.

According to the survey, the current development of e-commerce companies in China is mainly due to the following two phenomena:

1, 蜻蜓 water

The development of e-commerce is a common phenomenon among small and medium-sized enterprises. This type of enterprise is purely blindly following the trend. They don’t know what e-commerce is, but seeing that everyone is developing e-commerce, it is a trend, so it will Blindly following the trend, such companies often do what they see when they do what they do, but they are very formal and formal, and they do not care after they do it. For example, they set up a website and display the products on the website. However, the website does not have a perfect trading system, and there is no logistics distribution support. Such a website can only display and not realize the transaction, so it is impossible to realize the profit through e-commerce.

2, the pursuit of scale effect

Enterprises that pursue scale effect generally have medium and large-sized enterprises. This type of enterprise has sufficient strength. In the market, it can also prepare funds for development of the project through financing. According to the reason, they have such good conditions and want to compete for market realization. Profits should be easier, but they are too much to pursue the scale effect, and they are thinking about how big the project is, but they have not found a development path that suits them. At the beginning, the company may be full of hope for this project, but this scale effect is more difficult to bear the test of time. After a long time, it is found that only the input has no income, and it is easy to collapse at this time.

Therefore, no matter whether it is a large enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, when developing e-commerce, it must find its own development route and cannot find a profitable way. Whether it is a little bit of water or a large amount of investment, it is difficult for enterprises to achieve profitability.

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