UNIQLO [UNIQLO] Shanghai flagship store held UT and AIRism product presentation

May 11, 2013 (Sat.) UNIQLO [UNIQLO], a renowned international casual wear brand, convened a conference on UT & AIRism in the flagship store of Nanjing West Road in Shanghai. Presentation day UNIQLO [UNIQLO] image spokesperson Mr. Huang Zongze visit the scene. May 11 UT & AIRism Product Presentation At the event, Bosco greatly acclaimed the unparalleled comfort of UNIQLO's AIRism line of products. "In addition, Bosco also UNIQLO [UNIQLO] UT series of loyal fans," from the United States, "he said:" wear the moment it feels smooth and cool, comfortable to make you almost forget it's existence, incredible, once put it down. " It's exciting to pick the right T-shirt for your rich UT product, and because I love the rich patterns on the UT, I'd buy it for a special collection. "The" AIRism "innovative, AIRism is UNIQLO [UNIQLO] Innovative Comfortable Underwear Collection developed to bring together the best of Japanese fiber technology. AIRISM strives to create the airy and comfortable feel of the wearer by pursuing the refinement of the fibers to balance the rhythms of the air around the body in the "silk dry" and "sarafine" Women) based on research and development. AIRism men's ultra-fine fibers, bringing a stunning smooth touch, the perfect fit body, almost feel it's existence. Light and refreshing, unparalleled comfort wearing, superb sweat-absorbent performance, tailor-made for sweating men, always comfortable. From the "hate sweating, but also hate the air" and other women's voices came into being the AIRism women's series, from Asahi Kasei "cuprammonium fiber" and Toray's "profiled section nylon" composite of high-tech fibers. The use of "cuprammonium fiber" can effectively control the feeling of sultry and keep comfortable and fresh inside. Due to changes in life, stress and other reasons, many women are more and more concerned about the smell, this year a new addition to the deodorant function. Lace Halter shirt also new debut. AIRism Kids are suitable for kids who are lively and easy to sweat. AIRism allows parents to ease the washing, the price is also the same people. Following last year's polka dots, stripes and other popular conventional patterns, the new cherry, plaid and other patterns. AIRism series for the needs of different groups of men and women consumer groups, with quick-drying sweat-absorbent, moisture absorption, deodorant, contact cold and other seven major functions, color style from last year's about 190 models increased to 300 this year more than 300 models, choose more Multiple. UNIQLO [UNIQLO] hopes that even a seemingly ordinary underwear, but also through it gradually changing the concept of existing clothing consumers around the world to provide a truly high quality of life experience. May 11 UT & AIRism Products Conference UT Series - Covering Arts, Music, Comics, Design, People. Through the printed T-shirt to convey to the world, to share a wide range of cultural arts, music, comics, design, character, through the printing T-shirt to convey to the world, to share a diverse culture, this is UT. UNIQLO [UNIQLO] often collaborate with designers or brands to launch new products, always get the outside world and consumers alike. This season, with the theme of "Making T-Shirts More Free and More Interesting", we will continue to work with art and culture circles to perfect the interpretation of the series of cooperation and lead the fashion new wave. DISNEY series can lead consumers to the vision of the world, the magic of the kingdom, to find the dreams of the treasure, and lovely story of the protagonists, taste the dreams and the joy of fairy tales. This season UNIQLO [UNIQLO] once again deported to join the British Empire Medal has been awarded the famous British designer Lulu Guinness, through its unique design, to show you a playful and modern fashion Lulu Guinness series, the classic black and white red three Color combination, take you to review the distinctive "Lulu" charm. In 2001, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of much-loved teddy bears in the world, with the idea of ​​"creating a digital concept of a teddy bear", a 7 cm tall toy bear [email protected] came into being. Since its birth, it has won the reputation of "art toys" with its lovely shape and thousands of cooperative products, and has won the favor of many fans all over the world. UNIQLO [UNIQLO] [email protected] series UT, so that you and the exquisite blocks bears meet again. UNIQLO [UNIQLO] works with Ladurée, an old shop, to introduce the elegant Ladurée collection. At the same time, it is designed to support charity projects for children still affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake to this day. American artist Andy Warhol challenged the limits of art from an alternative perspective and was hailed as one of the most representative artists of the 20th century. Andy Warhol Visual Foundation and Andy Warhol Art Museum collection of works of art so Andy Warhol's cultural heritage has a long, shining. UNIQLO [UNIQLO] Andy Warhol series UT's design inspiration comes precisely from its original work, and the production of T-shirt won the New York-based Andy Warhol Visual Foundation, a non-profit organization for the dissemination of visual arts permission . Including these key recommendations, including the UT series, including UNIQLO [UNIQLO] will be introduced this season, a total of about 50 series, more than 1000 UT, this rich color style choices, I believe will let consumers enjoy the fun.

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